We’ve been able to assemble a quartet of Irish colleens showing off a free St Patrick’s Day dress from Nala Designs, as well as allowing them to pose nude for us.

We’re rapidly approaching the time when the entire grid turns green, so we’ve taken the opportunity to do our own take on Irishness (also within the usual SL Naturist brief).

colleens 4_001bbb

(L-R Brid, Caireann, Niamh and Seosaimhin)

colleens 6_001b

Brid and Niamh are RL sisters, and have developed a similarity in their avatar appearance deliberately.

colleens 7_001b

Caireann says that ‘I’m not a redhead, but have adopted that look in SL to play up to a fairly unrealistic stereotype of the Irish’.



The emerald dress, worn by all four ladies, as currently available from Nala Designs.

My thanks to all four ladies for grabbing the dress, wearing it (then not wearing it) and deigning to be online at the same time. It was an exceptionally difficult photoshoot to pull off, and I’m grateful for the ladies’ patience while we did this late on Saturday evening. Indeed, as Brid told Diane, ‘it’s not really usual that Niamh (her RL twin sister) and I are on SL at the same time that often. We converse via IM on Second Life, or point each other at certain things on our Facebook pages, with the intention of keeping our avatars fairly similar’.

All four have had SL naturist experience, although Caireann says that ‘naturism is now secondary to sociability. I found that naturist sims can be very sociable, and vocal, which is why I started using them, but there are other equally vocal sims I would use now for the conversation’.


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