Pose Lover

I’ve been over at a Pose Lover event, where I saw the following cute garden pose, one that very much lends itself to naturism or, at least, nude photography (from the Luane’s World stand, priced at L$99). I had to have it!

trine garden_001b

The set comes with an optional flower to cover those intimate parts (shown above)

trine garden2_001b

Shown without optional cover (above)

trine garden3_001bbbcc

And the set comes with a ‘mirror’ pose.

This led me onto a link chasedown, something I often do at these events, accepting landmarks and visiting the stores in question. My link chasedown took me to Project Puppet Poses, which had a couple or really fun poses.

Firstly, we naturists never have a lot of washing to do, and one of Project Puppet’s sets illustrates that perfectly. I don’t have a lot in that basket, do I? I won’t have much ironing to do either.

trine project puppet3_001b

And I love ballet poses in SL, as they’re something that can kind of replicate some nude/art photography.


trine project puppet2_001b

All in all, a good hour spent collecting and photographing some excellent poses that lend themselves to naturist and/or nude photography.


Another day, another ill-timed Kardashian selfie

Much less than ‘break the internet’, Kim Kardashian can’t even so much as break an increasing sense of collective apathy.

Another day, another Kardashian selfie, this time with ‘censored’ bars added at source, it seems.


Why the sudden coyness? It’s not as if we’ve not seen it all before. Often.


The latest bout of self-publicity prompted the BBC to ask the question if it was liberation or degradation, particularly as it appeared on International Woman’s Day.

The photo prompted an actress, Chloe Moretz, to tweet…



Which is not without some irony…


However, what followed was a bit of a twitter storm between Kim Kardashian and others, which was regarded as ‘ranting’ and ‘settling scores’ by Billboard with Kanye West suggested as the real author of her alleged ‘get even’ tweets. Kim snorted with laughter at this…


Funny too? I’m sorry, Kim, but Kanye’s not funny, just a weapons grade bell-end. If you mean that you’re ‘funny’ in the way a retracted foreskin exposes the glans penis, maybe you’re right.

I’m not certain I regard the latest photo as either liberation or degradation, just a tragicomic reflection of the times we live in, when someone is famous for selling their body one way or another.