Pose Lover

I’ve been over at a Pose Lover event, where I saw the following cute garden pose, one that very much lends itself to naturism or, at least, nude photography (from the Luane’s World stand, priced at L$99). I had to have it!

trine garden_001b

The set comes with an optional flower to cover those intimate parts (shown above)

trine garden2_001b

Shown without optional cover (above)

trine garden3_001bbbcc

And the set comes with a ‘mirror’ pose.

This led me onto a link chasedown, something I often do at these events, accepting landmarks and visiting the stores in question. My link chasedown took me to Project Puppet Poses, which had a couple or really fun poses.

Firstly, we naturists never have a lot of washing to do, and one of Project Puppet’s sets illustrates that perfectly. I don’t have a lot in that basket, do I? I won’t have much ironing to do either.

trine project puppet3_001b

And I love ballet poses in SL, as they’re something that can kind of replicate some nude/art photography.


trine project puppet2_001b

All in all, a good hour spent collecting and photographing some excellent poses that lend themselves to naturist and/or nude photography.


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