jim ella baby_001bc

Ella & Jim Keng with their new arrival, Alexander (Sandy)

Congratulations to former SL Naturist editor Ella, and her husband Jim, on the arrival of their new son, Alexander (Sandy…a good Scottish name, that!), 5lbs 4oz. A baby brother to Adam and Aoife.

Alexander, Ella reports, was named after his paternal grandfather and was  born a couple of weeks earlier than the anticipated date (last Monday, to be exact) but was breathing normally and mother and baby are doing fine!

‘We’re thrilled, of course’, she says, ‘and while it was a bit of concern that he did arrive early, there are no health complications. No incubator or anything like that was required. Whether I’m familiar with the routine now, or whether it was a smaller birth weight, this was the easiest birth of my three children. I’ll be on maternity leave for a number of weeks now, and I’d love to get logged into SL, as I miss the many friends I’ve made in SL. I can’t promise anything, of course, but I’ll do my best to at least get online to show the new baby off! (or at least share one or two RL photos with the SLN staff).

ellla and audrey_001b

Ella, baby Alexander, and Granny Audrey (also a SL player)

‘Granny, who I introduced to SL and who loves the game, and is an active player, may now find her new-found hobby just a little bit on the back burner when baby-sitting duties are required 😉 !’


nb: days after the birth, Ella hasn’t been online to pose for photos. We set these photos up shortly after she announced her resignation and pregnancy, in anticipation of being able to post on the birth.


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