Mon cheri

I spotted an SL blog entry about Mon Cheri earlier and headed over there because they appeared to do a nice line in lingerie. This was intended to be a personal purchase, and I had no plans for an SL Naturist blog post about it, until I spotted an item on the wall (L$245) that fitted perfectly with the ‘naturist wardrobe’.

abi mon cheri bikini_001b


It’s a bikini (other colours are available) with an additional ‘bikini vest’. The bikini vest, a loose overthrow, is something that is familiar on beaches, naturist and textile, as a garment thrown on following a swim, or possibly as a garment to wear to and from the beach.

abi mon cheri bikini2_001b


Dispensing with the bikini itself, it’s very much a naturist accessory, familiar to many people who have been to a naturist beach.

abi mon cheri bikini3_001b



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