A naturist accessory robe

black robe_001b

Gothicatz have a free black robe out, no group join fee either, which fits the bill as a naturist accessory. In the early mornings, before the sun has reached its full heat, you will see naturists wander down to the pool in their robe, taking it off for their swim, and then putting it on rather than towelling dry afterwards. Equally, I’ve stayed in places, at this time of year, where the communal (naturist) pool is indoor and heated. You will find many all-year residents come home after work and even in the chill of a night with temperatures approaching zero, head off to that pool in their robe, removing it for the swim that is part of their daily routine.

black robe2_001b

black robe3_001b

black robe4_001b


shot tobe_001b

Gothicatz also have a female version, the shorter pink one above, but I’m drawn to the male version, atypical of naturist pool robes for male and female alike. Note that the male version will fit a female, although our model needed to use the XL version in order to conceal her boobs.

shot tobe2_001b



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