The New Season : Su Casa Naturist

These past couple of weeks my personal Facebook page has been filled with images and news from various campsites around Europe (France, mostly, as it’s the place I holiday most often) which are essentially saying ‘we open again on…’, with various dates around now, Easter.

Many of the photos will show improvements to the campsites and the work undertaken over the winter.

With this in mind, I got to imagining how a Su Casa FB page might look (I know many avatars have SL-specific pages, and this isn’t an entirely novel idea).

sucasa FBbc

How might Su Casa’s ‘winter improvements’ show on a Facebook feed? How might they (and others, I feel a mini-series coming on) present their ‘new season’?












It may be that some of you Su Casa regulars are saying ‘ha! That’s been there for weeks/months’. But I haven’t! 🙂 Remiss of me, I know, but I’m coming to Su Casa with fresh eyes, and there are some changes since the last time I was there, notably a bungee jump. This was something I’d never tried before in SL (it was great fun), but I adopted the role of photographer to capture a few images of Mike, who I ran into there.

Also new to me was the ‘Sylt’ (Baltic Sea) type beach hut, an accurate name for huts you’ll see dotted along the German Baltic coast.

There were also some English type beach huts that were new since my last visit. Su Casa has long had a subtle approach to rebuilding or renovating, and it’s good to see this continue. It makes the sim familiar (something not all sims recognise as a good thing) while freshening things up for ‘the new season’. It looks great, and I expect to be back sooner rather than later.