The New Season : Into the garden

Things move fast in the world of Second Life.

A couple of weeks back Trine reported from the Home & Garden Expo, and the subsequent post had led Howie (our publisher, owner of SLN-HQ, to consider broadening the definition of naturism we have used since the inception of SL Naturist.

‘Something that I’d like to do [is] offer something brand new in the context of SL naturism, and that’s create a naturist eco-village. I have contemplated ripping the house down and planting up vegetable plots, site a teepee on the land, open it up for everyone who uses Eden, much in the manner that Tess’s Naked Dreams stands as a complete and separate build to Eden itself, but within Eden. I may yet do this… if I can find how to create some sort of representation of sustainable living, complete with notecards on this alternative lifestyle, it might be something I do. As naturists, we’re attuned to our environment, and I’d like to create a space where our harmony with nature is brought to life in Second Life. I’d also be pleased if there were others out there who share that vision of alternative living, of growing fruit and vegetables, living simply and doing stuff like build a windmill, install solar panels as a demonstration sim for this type of living.’

I’ve posted on ‘the new season taking shape’ over the past couple of days, and it would appear this was a call to action for Howie, who has redeveloped part of his home on the Eden Naturist Estate to reflect a more holistic approach to naturism.

‘As naturists, we like to eat healthily, grow our own fruit and veg that hasn’t been plastered with pesticides, and generally engage with our environment’, he told me.


Just as naturist campsites gear up for their new season, so many of us will gear up for a new season in the garden. It’s a time of planting, preparing ground and so on, and doing the chores that will bear fruit (sometimes literally) later in the year.


While the wind and the rain prevented me from doing any gardening today, it’s good to know that this will soon be a part of the regular evening and weekends as the weeks go on. Tonight, the clocks go forward in the UK, so it means lighter nights, and the opportunity for a bit of gardening after work (naked or not).




















howie abi garden_001b

Abigail and Howie plant out some herbs

howie abi garden2_001b

howie gigi garden_001b

howie herbs_001b

Howie in front of the new greenhouse at SLN-HQ

howie pool cleaning2_001b

Cleaning the pool is another of those jobs needing done regularly, but maybe more so at this time of year.

trine howie herbs_001b

Trine calls in to check out a magnificent lavender bush



4 thoughts on “The New Season : Into the garden

  1. My greenhouse on my land uses way too much land impact for the building (24)… If the one in that image is lower, I’d love to know what greenhouse it is. 🙂 Kind of shopping for a replacement for the one I have. 🙂

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