The New Season : The real world







As I said in a previous post, my Facebook page is full of notices about naturist camping, mainly in France, announcing they’re open for the new season, so I took the opportunity to grab some photos from the various sites to present a flavour of French naturism. What’s equally intriguing about these pages on FB is an emphasis on environmentalism, showing that we naturists are truly in harmony with our world.




Today, for example (Samedi, 26th Mars), La Jenny is having a beach clean up -‘No Break for Trash’- as part of an initiative through Initiatives Oceanes, to make beaches cleaner and more pleasant for ourselves but, more importantly, the wildlife and marine life whose existence is damaged by man’s need to dump his rubbish into their world, without concern for any form of wild or marine life.


New chalets are being built at various campsites, and you will note how vast majority of the building materials are from renewables, timber, rather than of bricks or concrete building blocks.  CHM Montalivet offers the next two photos…



…with the following quote: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed (Antoine Lavoisier 1743-1794). Applying this ecological precept, the CHM recycles all the rubble by crushing them. Residues are used to fill the potholes.

This is clear indication of how the naturist community very much do their bit for the environment.





It promises to be a fantastic, naturist summer, and I would encourage you to join us, in the real world, or in Second Life, for the northern hemisphere’s naturist season.


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