The New Season : Eden Naturopolis

Eden, possibly the pre-eminent naturist sim (actually an estate) in Second Life, is in a slightly different position from many other naturist sims, in that there’s no sense of a ‘new’ season, and a bit of a spruce up, as it’s always in a state of constant change as residents come, go and rebuild. So there’s always something a bit different about it.

One of the big draws is that it does, in its more central locations, remain constant. This is important in a Second Life where change can be too rapid. I think we all like some sense of constancy with just a hint of change from time to time.

This gives Eden a little bit of a sense of its own, Second Life’s and the world’s history.

I would be an advocate of Linden Labs perhaps using some of their abandoned land, in conjunction with some of its better builders (hello, Brenda from Eden!), to create, tier-free, cost-free, a sense of Second Life or the world’s history.

eden sparrow_001b

Exhibit A!

There is a Greek-styled temple at Eden Sparrow sim, which is one of the coolest things about Eden in my mind. This creates a sense of a civilisation, a society, existing before we avatars, and I do wish more sims and builders would do more of this. Granted, they’ll build castles and such like, but this…this is something else. It doesn’t exist for any purpose, it’s just there, as an antiquity. Why couldn’t more abandoned land across the grid be put to similar use? If nothing else, allowing builders to run riot on land and create a Second Life past, with structures, forests, woods, mountains all there just because they are, would provide for a huge number of photo-ops.

The success of some sims is the result of the imagination of its builders, and Elbag and Brenda, who own Eden, are particularly adept at this. Eden Robin offers its own ‘history’ as well, in this instance a cannibalistic(?) tribe who searched the archipelago for unsuspecting sailors attempting to colonise it hundreds of years ago. At least, that’s what it reminds me of, although that’s maybe not Elbag or Brenda’s intentions. But that’s the nice thing about SL. You can project your own back story onto something, if given the tools to do so!

abi eden robin_001b

abi eden robin2_001b

Rather than have land abandoned everywhere, might a bit of top quality, imaginative building, such as that dotted all around the Eden Naturist Estate, be a way forward in revitalising and energising parts of the grid?


2 thoughts on “The New Season : Eden Naturopolis

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  2. There actually are quite a lot of linden made builds around SL. Builds from the moles.
    They are most active in Bay City because the residents of Bay City work to keep good relations with them. They are least active in Zindra due to the history there (two feuding factions that used to interrupt Linden office hours with demand that the lindens only speak to their leader and not the other resident, to the point of shutting meetings down – caused the lindens to abandon Zindra before many of the mole builds were even done – you can see this with some builds that seem to be pointless of half built.).
    And after Zindra… the Lindens largely stopped engaging with SL residents anywhere but Bay City… so most of these builds predate 2010, or are in set-aside places like the Linden Home continents.

    But if you look, they are everywhere.

    I doubt they will ever happen on abandoned land though. I suspect the Lindens are still bitter over past experiences with toxic resident communities that would not set aside egos long enough to simply engage.

    That said… a new linden made build was in fact made within the last 2-3 months in Bay City, where there is now a public pool modeled loosely off of the famous Sutro Baths of San Francisco. Sadly it is on the ‘G’ side of Bay City so you can’t enter the place nude.

    As for Eden, I can’t visit there directly – their rules don’t allow me to enter the estate, but I might sneak an alt in to look at the things you’ve mentioned.

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