Nudity as a weapon of ‘humiliation’

An emerging story about the CIA’s photographing of naked detainees will impact on another blog post I’ve been working on, about nudity and digital photography as part of our zeitgeist.

While it’s disturbing that they would resort to such a tactic, it’s hardly surprising, because we’ve grown used our our insecurity agencies acting in a manner that would be better suited to the regimes of a Gadaffi, a Mubarak or an Assad.


This is how low we’ve seemingly sunk in our our so-called ‘war on terror’, when we meet fire with fire and act in a manner wherein we (or strictly speaking, our government agencies) have become the terrorists themselves.

This story has only just broken, so there are bound to be responses and clarifications over the next day or two, so I’ll keep my powder dry on this, while I now commence a part re-write of the other posting I’m working on.

I will say, however, that for many people in today’s world, the existence of nude photographs of themselves existing somewhere, maybe even on the web, isn’t the most embarrassing thing that could happen to them. That, for many, would be being photographed with a politician.


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