Cart Sale at The Wash & the naturist season begins!

I think that many of us were probably concerned when Fab Free was undergoing some changes last year that the closure of their freebie point would also impact on their regular cart sales at Fab Free HQ, The Wash.

Happily, this has turned out not to be the case, and a ‘Spring Freshness’ event is ongoing until the end of the month.


There’s lots of nice, affordable, classy looking bits of clothing, furniture, poses, etc all to be picked up for L$10, but much of it won’t distract us from a naturist perspective (unless we’re still filling that suitcase for our naturist holiday evening wear). One thing that did catch my eye, though, were these wellington boots, possibly only because I’ve been in a naturist setting wearing nothing but wellington boots this week.

There are, in naturist circles, what are known as landed clubs, that is clubs that own and maintain their own grounds, their own land. We (partner and myself) are lucky enough to be members of such a club in the north of England, and many of us have given time to get the club looking fantastic in advance of our usual official opening at Easter each year (we actually open, for the season, next Thursday).

It has been a wet winter here in England, with lots of flooding near where we are and further north into Cumbria. Domestically, we weren’t affected, but the club did take a little bit of a battering. Nothing overly flooded, but the ground underfoot was very, very soft and muddy as a result of the winter rains. Happily, a pretty good week last week allowed us to get out and get a lot of small maintenance jobs going,  painting the clubhouse, mowing lawns, weeding and so on, and the weather (I started two days last week fully dressed and was nude, apart from wellington boots, by mid-afternoon).

trine boots_001b

Trine helps mend a fence at her club

My Facebook page (a personal one, not a SL related one) is already filled with news of clubs across Europe putting the final touches to their spruced-up locations, so we’ve not been alone in the naturist community in undertaking similar tasks.














The summer always seems that little bit closer whenever the clubs open, and it promises to be an excellent European naturist season. If you haven’t tried naturism yet, maybe you should make 2016 your year to participate. Good friends, good conversation, good (fresh, home grown) food in many instances, and a tremendous sense of well-being that naturism provides.






Too Naked for the Nazis

BBC reports that a book entitled ‘Too Naked for the Nazis’ has won an award as the oddest titled book of the year.



The title evokes imagery of the Third Reich’s ‘yes, no, yes’ approach to the free body movement, freikoerperkultur, or FKK as we know it on beach signs today. Sadly, it’s not, and we’ll come to its contents in a moment. I think, before I do that, you should be made aware that trailing in second place to this tome was…Reading from Behind, A cultural history of the anus.



This isn’t an April Fool joke, incidentally, these books exist and are available from Amazon.

‘Too Naked for the Nazis’ is the story of British vaudeville act Wilson, Keppel and Betty.

And the title of the book comes from, in the author’s words, the point when “a trio of comedy Egyptian sand dancers incurred the wrath of the Nazi high command by a blatant exposure of hairy legs.”

In reality, it was the dancing, in general, that outraged Joseph Goebbels, on the basis that it would undermine the moral fibre of Nazi youth, through the suggestiveness of Betty and the close proximity of Wilson and Keppel.

If nothing else, it shows the difficulties the Nazis were having with the body, with sexuality, with ‘moral fibre’ pre-war, a time when many Germans (including senior Nazis) were naturists.










A naturist accessory robe

black robe_001b

Gothicatz have a free black robe out, no group join fee either, which fits the bill as a naturist accessory. In the early mornings, before the sun has reached its full heat, you will see naturists wander down to the pool in their robe, taking it off for their swim, and then putting it on rather than towelling dry afterwards. Equally, I’ve stayed in places, at this time of year, where the communal (naturist) pool is indoor and heated. You will find many all-year residents come home after work and even in the chill of a night with temperatures approaching zero, head off to that pool in their robe, removing it for the swim that is part of their daily routine.

black robe2_001b

black robe3_001b

black robe4_001b


shot tobe_001b

Gothicatz also have a female version, the shorter pink one above, but I’m drawn to the male version, atypical of naturist pool robes for male and female alike. Note that the male version will fit a female, although our model needed to use the XL version in order to conceal her boobs.

shot tobe2_001b



Mon cheri

I spotted an SL blog entry about Mon Cheri earlier and headed over there because they appeared to do a nice line in lingerie. This was intended to be a personal purchase, and I had no plans for an SL Naturist blog post about it, until I spotted an item on the wall (L$245) that fitted perfectly with the ‘naturist wardrobe’.

abi mon cheri bikini_001b


It’s a bikini (other colours are available) with an additional ‘bikini vest’. The bikini vest, a loose overthrow, is something that is familiar on beaches, naturist and textile, as a garment thrown on following a swim, or possibly as a garment to wear to and from the beach.

abi mon cheri bikini2_001b


Dispensing with the bikini itself, it’s very much a naturist accessory, familiar to many people who have been to a naturist beach.

abi mon cheri bikini3_001b



Skin Fair 2016

The 2016 Skin Fair is now on, and I’ve been checking it out. I’ve not bought anything from it (yet), but I have to say that I remain disappointed by the body-phobia displayed, with certain areas in photos of the skins routinely censored.

Skin Fair 2016

Due to the nature in which male genitalia is ‘attached’ to an SL avatar, this doesn’t seem quite so important, as male avatars will tweak colour (and size) of their separately purchased appendage to order.

Where it does irritate me, hugely, is female skins routinely censored. We all know that nipples can be quite individual on skins, and it would be nice to be able to see them as they are applied to each individual skin. Similarly, there can be some variation on female genitals, and again I’d be more impressed by the various designers showing us what variations exist without us having to grab a demo, teleport out, try the skin on and then teleport back in to purchase (or continue shopping). It’s not even a naturist thing, as I would imagine it’s small details like this that irritate many of SL’s avatars. In 2016 we should not be quite so body-phobic as many skin designers appear to be.




jim ella baby_001bc

Ella & Jim Keng with their new arrival, Alexander (Sandy)

Congratulations to former SL Naturist editor Ella, and her husband Jim, on the arrival of their new son, Alexander (Sandy…a good Scottish name, that!), 5lbs 4oz. A baby brother to Adam and Aoife.

Alexander, Ella reports, was named after his paternal grandfather and was  born a couple of weeks earlier than the anticipated date (last Monday, to be exact) but was breathing normally and mother and baby are doing fine!

‘We’re thrilled, of course’, she says, ‘and while it was a bit of concern that he did arrive early, there are no health complications. No incubator or anything like that was required. Whether I’m familiar with the routine now, or whether it was a smaller birth weight, this was the easiest birth of my three children. I’ll be on maternity leave for a number of weeks now, and I’d love to get logged into SL, as I miss the many friends I’ve made in SL. I can’t promise anything, of course, but I’ll do my best to at least get online to show the new baby off! (or at least share one or two RL photos with the SLN staff).

ellla and audrey_001b

Ella, baby Alexander, and Granny Audrey (also a SL player)

‘Granny, who I introduced to SL and who loves the game, and is an active player, may now find her new-found hobby just a little bit on the back burner when baby-sitting duties are required 😉 !’


nb: days after the birth, Ella hasn’t been online to pose for photos. We set these photos up shortly after she announced her resignation and pregnancy, in anticipation of being able to post on the birth.


Pose Lover

I’ve been over at a Pose Lover event, where I saw the following cute garden pose, one that very much lends itself to naturism or, at least, nude photography (from the Luane’s World stand, priced at L$99). I had to have it!

trine garden_001b

The set comes with an optional flower to cover those intimate parts (shown above)

trine garden2_001b

Shown without optional cover (above)

trine garden3_001bbbcc

And the set comes with a ‘mirror’ pose.

This led me onto a link chasedown, something I often do at these events, accepting landmarks and visiting the stores in question. My link chasedown took me to Project Puppet Poses, which had a couple or really fun poses.

Firstly, we naturists never have a lot of washing to do, and one of Project Puppet’s sets illustrates that perfectly. I don’t have a lot in that basket, do I? I won’t have much ironing to do either.

trine project puppet3_001b

And I love ballet poses in SL, as they’re something that can kind of replicate some nude/art photography.


trine project puppet2_001b

All in all, a good hour spent collecting and photographing some excellent poses that lend themselves to naturist and/or nude photography.


Another day, another ill-timed Kardashian selfie

Much less than ‘break the internet’, Kim Kardashian can’t even so much as break an increasing sense of collective apathy.

Another day, another Kardashian selfie, this time with ‘censored’ bars added at source, it seems.


Why the sudden coyness? It’s not as if we’ve not seen it all before. Often.


The latest bout of self-publicity prompted the BBC to ask the question if it was liberation or degradation, particularly as it appeared on International Woman’s Day.

The photo prompted an actress, Chloe Moretz, to tweet…



Which is not without some irony…


However, what followed was a bit of a twitter storm between Kim Kardashian and others, which was regarded as ‘ranting’ and ‘settling scores’ by Billboard with Kanye West suggested as the real author of her alleged ‘get even’ tweets. Kim snorted with laughter at this…


Funny too? I’m sorry, Kim, but Kanye’s not funny, just a weapons grade bell-end. If you mean that you’re ‘funny’ in the way a retracted foreskin exposes the glans penis, maybe you’re right.

I’m not certain I regard the latest photo as either liberation or degradation, just a tragicomic reflection of the times we live in, when someone is famous for selling their body one way or another.




International Women’s Day (and the Yorkshire Rows team)

It’s International Women’s Day, during which I’ve been bombarded with reminders on and in the media. From BBC Radio 3 celebrating the compositional skills of Clara Schumann, Hildegard of Bingen, Fanny Mendelssohn and more, to BBC Radio 4 reminding of us great writers like Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and George Eliot (Mary Anne Sands, who used a male pseudonym in order to get published), to Jazz FM reminding us of Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald, it has felt like a double-edged sword.

Yes, it’s right that we celebrate women and their achievements, but why just one day in the year? Why, when International Women’s Day rolls around, does it suddenly feel like quota-filling? This is probably a little unfair, as I don’t have any sense of the BBC (or Jazz FM) displaying gender bias on a daily basis. We’re just as likely to be exposed to Jane Austen’s work, adapted for radio, or have Clara Schummann featured as Composer of the Week, to hearing concerts by Ella Fitzgerald, as we are the work of men. I’m probably not alone in thinking of it as great writing, great composing, great jazz singing rather than focus in on the gender of the author.



If we’re celebrating equality, as we should, we should probably spare a moment to consider top freedom, and the free the nipple campaigns, which show that, in respect of true equality, women are still lagging far behind.



We should also celebrate the achievements of other, lesser well known ladies who have just as readily done great things, such as the record breaking Yorkshire Rows team, who’ve just finished a trip across the Atlantic and were brought onto BBC’s Breakfast Time news programme to talk about their marvellous achievement.

It seems that nudity was part of the row (why not, with miles of nothing out there and the opportunity not to sit around in wet clothes?)



That’s the same sort of logical sense that naturists display towards clothes when swimming and sunbathing. But of course it was another bit of video shown while out on the ocean’s wave that made the news, as well as being reported on the news, and that’s the accidental showing of one of the ladies involved rowing bottomless. That really did get the twitterati excited, or appalled.


We didn’t exactly get to see a vagina, contrary to what someone says above, but we did get to see some pubic hair. (Note to Twitter users: there is a difference).



At 6.46am. So much for the 9pm watershed.

The world did not spin off its axis. The world did not explode. What we got to see, accidentally, was something that grows as naturally and wild as dandelions, for example.

A field of blooming dandelions creates a sea of yellow in a pasture in Barre, Vt., Friday, May 8, 1998. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)


What do you think the odds are of a newspaper or broadcaster apologising for accidentally showing a photograph of a flower?

Still a long way to go in respect of equality and grown-up attitudes to the body (male or female), and a storm in a teacup that appears to have overshadowed the ladies’ wonderful achievement, while oddly probably brought them much more publicity than they might have otherwise expected with a quick, pre-700am interview.

To the Yorkshire rows team, and women everywhere, congratulations. You’re awesome!