Cultural appropriation

There are times when you genuinely fear for humanity.

In this instance, a black woman is apparently accused of challenging a white male, with dreadlocks, for his choice of hairstyle. ‘It’s cultural appropriation’. Apparently.

cult app

It’s a hairstyle. It’s not something over which to fight race wars. Come to that, there’s damned little to nothing over which we should be fighting race wars. But least of all a haircut.

The (UK) media have picked up on this in a big way. The Independent reports on it, The Daily Mail reports on it, The Guardian unsurprisingly fails to comment on it.

Corey Goldstein attacked for his hairstyle

Corey Goldstein explains his position

The woman’s position is torn asunder. ‘Is this fucking Nazi Germany?’


Irish redhead appropriating a black hairstyle? Or do blacks appropriate an Irish hairstyle?


OMG!!!!! Those racist, Irish, redhead, curly-tressed people!!!!! Stealing from the culture of the girl at California State University.

fromtheblog-music1A dreadlocked Shiva. Stealing from black students at San Francisco State. Obviously.

And if you think it’s just white people attacking blacks on the youtube videos…’s a black guy, Sean Jackson, telling it how it is…

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.51.20 PM

The SFSU student at the centre of the story. Pretty sure her hair didn’t naturally grow like this.

There is a huge amount of white on black racism that goes on in the world every day. Every day. SL Naturist has discussed this before. We loathe racism. We oppose racism. We fight against racists and a racist mindset. We’re in a Europe where ‘racism’ (more sectarianism, pitting Christianity vs Islam) is occurring every day. But, really, some idiot behaving like this, attacking some white hippy on racial grounds for his hairstyle, makes our lives so much harder.


One thought on “Cultural appropriation

  1. As a Rasta, we have a lot of folks who have dreaded up, of many races. It is true you need a certain genetic profile to do it naturally – one found most often among Africans and Jews, but sometimes others (as has been noted and is known among Rasta; certain Indian mystics get the style as well without using “product”).

    Rasta started using dreads because of the soldiers serving under his Majesty when the Italians invaded trying to steal the Ark of the Covenant in the 1930a. Those soldiers adopted a ‘natural look’ – refusing to groom until the Italians were gone. In part because Italians were fond of beheading Ethiopians and parading their heads around as trophies – Elite Ethiopian soldiers decided to take an extreme opposite stance from hiding.

    But we who are Rasta know the style is not unique to Rasta, nor the Africans, and after this came out all the talk I’ve seen in the Rasta community has been in support of Goldstein. Rasta I have spoken with have stated they would be glad to see a lot more people take up dreads. We see it as a way to open them up to being receptive to us, and to get “baldheads” to step off the pressure against Rasta in places were there is downpression (Jamaican police have a long history of assaulting dreads, and in the US, Florida does or used to use Dreads as a ‘justifiable reason’ to stop someone and search them on suspicion of criminal activity – I can’t remember if this was a Florida policy, or part of an FIB guideline).

    It would be cultural appropriation if it wasn’t the signature look of a culture trying to get people to join. 🙂

    And there’s a couple of rather famous Rasta in the San Francisco region. Like ‘white dude’ Jah Sun. And in Jamaica you’ve got Alborosie, who’s an Italian Rasta with dreads down to his knees…

    That young woman is pretty clueless… thinking this is something Egyptian…

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