Le Beret

The beret. A little bit French (although as much of a French cliche as anything else in modern times). A little bit chic. A little bit Basque. A little bit revolutionary-military.beret2




sandrine beret_001vb

Sandrine, replicating the real life photos directly above her

The Byrne Boutique has a free beret gift (amongst other gifts) at the moment, and if you’re inclined towards a little French chic, it’s worth hopping over there.

Catherine deNeuve

Catherine Deneuve


Brigitte Bardot


Anouk Aimee

 Back in the 60s, it seemed that no self-respecting French actress would be seen without a beret. And if you’re into a bit of military role-play, the Marketplace can offer you a uniform for L$1. (male version also available).

Sandrine was photographed at the Caen 1944 WW2 sim. playing the role of a French actress playing the role of a French Resistance fighter. 😉 Her beret is still in place 🙂

sandrine jeeo_001b


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