Another change coming up next weekend at SL Naturist.

Abigail has been undertaking a huge trawl of the grid and the Marketplace for lingerie, something she felt wasn’t being posted about enough in SL.

We’d already flagged up our ‘sister’ blog, Lingerie Lunacy, but that hasn’t taken off as we’d wished due to the lady/avatar who was going to edit that, Debs, no longer being able to maintain an enormous amount of SL time, so Abigail will be taking on editorial duties for Lingerie Lunacy. Diane, who has photographed and written for SL Naturist, will be joining her as assistant editor and photographer.

diane panties2_001b


Here’s a little bit of what to expect at Lingerie Lunacy (above).

Meanwhile…back at SLNHQ, we’ve got two writers who will double up as their own photographers (and I’ll be doing my own photographs in future). I know that I’m not a great SL photographer, and I’ve discussed this with SL friends, who suggest that for our purposes the mood of a location is more important than a great photograph, so on that basis we’re decided we’ll progress on the basis that all three writers will do their own photos too.

I won’t say any more about this now. As you may notice, our ‘explore, research and write during the week, publish at weekends’ routine is now becoming well established. We will therefore introduce you to two members of staff at the weekend.

Hope to catch you all around Friday night, when another tranche of postings begins to be published. Tomorrow night I’m off, somewhere in SL, where the three members of staff will undertake a photo shoot.


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