As we creep towards the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union, it’s an issue that will probably nudge into SL Naturist from time to time.

I’m a Europhile. I’m a paid up Francophile, and I’ll be in France on the day of the EU referendum, trying to replicate Ella’s Spanish sojourns with a series of ‘What I saw on my holidays’ naturist related posts.

What’s not to like about France? It’s people, its culture, its wines, cheeses, lifestyle, music, literature, philosophers and so on…

France, je t’adore!

But…but…but…I will be voting to leave the EU. I’ve already applied for a postal vote to cast prior to my departure to a string of naturist campsites in June. I don’t hate Europeans. I don’t hate Europe. I don’t hate the French, the Germans, the Italians….I hate the bloody EU itself, an unaccountable, vile, pigs-in-the-trough entity that needs a bloody nose. And if the UK delivers it, the entire deck or cards may fall. That doesn’t mean I want an isolationist UK. That means I want a totally reformed EU -the political entity.

Europe has provided so much to the UK in terms of the culture, from the rather mundane –croissants– (although how could you ever reference a well baked croissant as mundane?) to Enlightenment ideas from Voltaire or Rousseau.

Incidentally, on the topic of ‘croissants‘, the crescent, they originate from interaction with Muslim culture in Austria. Allegedly.  They are, in some bloggers eyes, therefore an ‘anti Muslim pastry’. What sort of society do we live in where a bit of pastry is ‘anti’ something? Completely stupid. It’s…..(expletive deleted)…baking!

Never mind. The EU referendum vexes us in the UK as much as Trump/Cruz/Clinton vexes our American friends.


Anyway…here’s a committed Francophile -your editor- at the delightful Paris Je t’aime sim, grabbing a croissant and coffee in what appears to be a particularly windy day on Le Rive Gauche, the left bank of the River Seine.

trine paris_001b

trine paris2_001b

trine paris3_001b







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