In the wake of our post on the Amazon River collection of sims, a male avatar has IMed me, regarding ‘costumes to be in character’ while there. Strictly speaking, the koteka, a penis gourd or sheath, doesn’t appear to be South American, but is tribal style in Papua New Guinea.

Apparently on the Marketplace, for L$25, you can buy a koteka, a penis gourd worn by males of different tribes.


images (1) (1)


Examples of the Koteka in real life


The Second Life version of the Koteka

The SL version is mesh, apparently, and thus our friend and model says it can’t be resized to a smaller and possibly more realistic size, but if you wish to go tribal in a Papua New Guinean manner, this is possibly an item your require.


3 thoughts on “Koteka

  1. Yeah that’s about as Amazonian as a British Banker in a Geisha costume.

    The real people of the low-Amazon mostly wear the same clothes the people in the slums of cities like Lima and São Paulo wear, sit in their villages and play basketball, farm, hunt, and sometimes go online. All the naked stuff is mostly carted out for when the tourists show up. It exists on an actual level among maybe less than a few hundred people across the region.

    In the high Amazon where I am from, we look like any other set of Inca-related people. Woolen clothes with colorful patterns, and rural-agrarian lifestyles. But a lot of northern-hemisphere people don’t even realize the Amazon reaches into the mountain of Peru.

  2. Thanks for the info. I knew it wasn’t ‘Amazonian’ in style, but I’m guessing that the ‘style’ of the Amazon River sims (loincloths, etc) doesn’t reflect what you’ve told us, regarding stretching as far north as Peru. I know that I didn’t think of it being THAT widespread! My image is of tribes being displaced by deforestation. (Not that that’s necessarily a BAD image, because if we can highlight it…make people aware of it….reject it….that’s a good thing, I think.


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