Our ‘new’ staff!


Meet the ‘new’ staff!!!! 🙂

Yes, the eagle-eyed amongst you will immediately recognise the pair photographed with me as Ella and Pookes!

With Abi & Diane departing to run a SL lingerie blog, Lingerie Lunacy (I know I’ll be a reader, I love SL lingerie!) a few feelers were put out to see if former favourites might be interested in jobs.

Ella said she’d love to get involved again. ‘Our new baby has been, without doubt, our easiest child, and a midnight feed sees him settled until early morning. Perhaps just a little too early, but I can’t complain at all. The grinding tiredness of disturbed sleep isn’t the same as it was with our first two. So I’d be delighted to climb back on board, just not in an editorial position. I’d love to write the occasional piece, and I’m itching to get back in-world. I’ve missed my SL friends! I didn’t expect a new baby to be quite so easy as it has turned out to be, in terms of night time feeds and the like, so I think that my old routines might just be do-able, and I can get inworld, and do a bit of dancing at some of my old haunts, some evenings, and report back accordingly.’

With Ella back in the fold, persuading Pookes was easy, and she’ll be resuming her old role as assistant editor, with Ella writing on an occasional basis.

A full team now back in place! Welcome back, ladies! 🙂


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