Meteo Naturiste



I didn’t get into SL yesterday because we went to our naturist club. The weather was chilly, and it ended up as a day helping out in the grounds, clothed, rather than enjoying naturism. However, it was quality time spent with friends, and working on the grounds was part of our wider naturism.

If the graphic above, Meteo naturiste, naturist weather in France, is showing the figures in Brittany & Normandy being purple in colour, you can imagine what colour we’d have been, naked, in northern England. Oh, the sun shone, but the naturist’s worst enemy, the wind, blew hard. The wind, in my opinion, is a worse enemy than rain for the naturist.

Anyway, the sun’s shining again today. It looks pleasant when inside looking out, but outdoors it’s quite nippy. Scotland was, apparently, going to get snow over the weekend, so winter hasn’t released us of its death stare just yet. My shoes are off, and I’m tucked into a favourite armchair to spend the rest of the day in SL.



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