The Naked Hunt begins…

At the beginning of the month we reported that The Naked Hunt was coming. And now it has begun 🙂

naked hunt_001b

The starting point is Isle of Punishment, and with each gift you discover, the locations for the next two stops on the hunt are provided along with the gift. You’re looking for a card with the image (above) printed on it for each gift.

I’m not going to race around the hunt and try to finish it too quickly, but spread it out over a couple of weeks and come back to it on a semi-regular basis.

So to kick off…

tnh hunt_001b


…this loincloth and leg bands at the first stop on the hunt, to give you a flavour of what to expect on The Naked Hunt.

I’ve picked up a couple of the other gifts already but I won’t post these just yet. I’ll continue on the hunt over the next couple of nights and update you.




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