Our ‘new’ staff!


Meet the ‘new’ staff!!!! 🙂

Yes, the eagle-eyed amongst you will immediately recognise the pair photographed with me as Ella and Pookes!

With Abi & Diane departing to run a SL lingerie blog, Lingerie Lunacy (I know I’ll be a reader, I love SL lingerie!) a few feelers were put out to see if former favourites might be interested in jobs.

Ella said she’d love to get involved again. ‘Our new baby has been, without doubt, our easiest child, and a midnight feed sees him settled until early morning. Perhaps just a little too early, but I can’t complain at all. The grinding tiredness of disturbed sleep isn’t the same as it was with our first two. So I’d be delighted to climb back on board, just not in an editorial position. I’d love to write the occasional piece, and I’m itching to get back in-world. I’ve missed my SL friends! I didn’t expect a new baby to be quite so easy as it has turned out to be, in terms of night time feeds and the like, so I think that my old routines might just be do-able, and I can get inworld, and do a bit of dancing at some of my old haunts, some evenings, and report back accordingly.’

With Ella back in the fold, persuading Pookes was easy, and she’ll be resuming her old role as assistant editor, with Ella writing on an occasional basis.

A full team now back in place! Welcome back, ladies! 🙂



by Trine and Silje

A quick search online will reveal that there are persistent stories about naturism being in decline.  Even topless sunbathing is in decline, we learn. The young aren’t interested, we learn. They’re too prudish. Granted, we also learn from FFN, French Naturism’s official body, that many of the people using naturist campsites and beaches under their jurisdiction are under 35, writes Trine


Two years ago, French Elle magazine asked if it was ‘La fin du topless a la plage?’ (the end of going topless on the beach)

Are the young prudish? The same generation sending naked selfies to each other? Sexting each other? No, I don’t think they’re too prudish at all. But the phone-in-the-mirror-while-pouting shot is usually intended for private consumption…up to a point. Relationships fall apart, and the male recipient has revenge by posting them online (it happens that males who send photos are occasionally ‘outed’ in this manner as well, but it’s less common).





I’ve blurred the faces from the images because we can’t tell if the subjects are even aware their images are online, and they have a right to their privacy. Which is where we’re heading with this post…

But it’s not just teenage girls who enjoy a frisson of excitement in taking nude selfies, adds Silje. Older ladies, mature ladies, ‘milfs and cougars’ as they’re defined in porn world, also like the idea of naked selfies, showing that an older generation can be as sexy, as sexual, as alluring as their daughters.




Older men are in on the act too, but from the research I’ve undertaken, it appears they’re less inclined towards bathroom mirror selfies as having their partner photograph them. Often they’re in various stages of erection, so not suitable for this blog, but it’s interesting that although there are many candles on the cake, they still wish to portray themselves as young and virile.

Before you ask, yes I, Silje, have done some naked selfies in the bathroom mirror, but the quality isn’t so good, and I now would use a proper camera with a self-timer to take naked ‘selfies’ (although these are not so evident as ‘selfies’) if I am going to do self-portraits. Why do I do it? My husband likes them. But as with the evidence online, his preference is simply to be photographed by me. They make us laugh, and that’s what life is all about. That’s why we do it.

Meanwhile, Trine says she has never taken nude selfies and has no interest in doing so.

But let’s get back to the naturist angle, adds Trine

Isn’t the likelihood that declining nude or topless sunbathing and swimming owes much to omnipresence of smartphones? A girl in her twenties or a mature woman in her sixties might like to take selfies, and demonstrate her sexuality to herself or to a partner, but out there on the beach, now, everyone is carrying a smartphone. Everyone naked, women particularly, are now easy prey for any voyeur who can post online minutes after getting home. A female, whatever her age, may be confident to go nude, at home, or in public on the beach, but she is much less likely to wish to become an internet sensation without her permission.

Perhaps this is, in part, why the decline of topless or nude beach activities are being reported. Perhaps this is also why French naturism, the FFN, has conducted a survey to learn that naturism in the under 35s is alive and well within its membership. Inside the environs of a naturist campsite, amongst like-minded souls, the use of cameras is much less likely to be an issue (of course, it’s not impossible that photographs aren’t taken, but the allure of photographing fellow naturists is much diminished in organised naturism).


The availability of smaller cameras with megapixels and better lenses mean any naturist can be captured in high definition at distance, unaware of the presence of a camera.

The lesson to be learned is that naturist etiquette -the ground rules by which we exist, such as ‘always carry a towel for hygiene purposes’, needs to be upgraded to be fit for purpose in the 21st century. ‘Bag the phone, bag the camera’ now needs to be written into the naturist ‘constitution’ in some shape or form. You’re at the beach, you don’t need to be taking messages, calling friends and maybe sneaking photos. If genuine naturists were to adopt this code of conduct it would lead to a situation whereby smartphones, in evidence, might just become a mark of the voyeur. That call, that conversation, isn’t likely to be a matter of life and death, so why not enjoy the here and now, enjoy the moment, rather than living it second hand with a phone at your ear constantly?

Trine and Silje






As we creep towards the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union, it’s an issue that will probably nudge into SL Naturist from time to time.

I’m a Europhile. I’m a paid up Francophile, and I’ll be in France on the day of the EU referendum, trying to replicate Ella’s Spanish sojourns with a series of ‘What I saw on my holidays’ naturist related posts.

What’s not to like about France? It’s people, its culture, its wines, cheeses, lifestyle, music, literature, philosophers and so on…

France, je t’adore!

But…but…but…I will be voting to leave the EU. I’ve already applied for a postal vote to cast prior to my departure to a string of naturist campsites in June. I don’t hate Europeans. I don’t hate Europe. I don’t hate the French, the Germans, the Italians….I hate the bloody EU itself, an unaccountable, vile, pigs-in-the-trough entity that needs a bloody nose. And if the UK delivers it, the entire deck or cards may fall. That doesn’t mean I want an isolationist UK. That means I want a totally reformed EU -the political entity.

Europe has provided so much to the UK in terms of the culture, from the rather mundane –croissants– (although how could you ever reference a well baked croissant as mundane?) to Enlightenment ideas from Voltaire or Rousseau.

Incidentally, on the topic of ‘croissants‘, the crescent, they originate from interaction with Muslim culture in Austria. Allegedly.  They are, in some bloggers eyes, therefore an ‘anti Muslim pastry’. What sort of society do we live in where a bit of pastry is ‘anti’ something? Completely stupid. It’s…..(expletive deleted)…baking!

Never mind. The EU referendum vexes us in the UK as much as Trump/Cruz/Clinton vexes our American friends.


Anyway…here’s a committed Francophile -your editor- at the delightful Paris Je t’aime sim, grabbing a croissant and coffee in what appears to be a particularly windy day on Le Rive Gauche, the left bank of the River Seine.

trine paris_001b

trine paris2_001b

trine paris3_001b








In the wake of our post on the Amazon River collection of sims, a male avatar has IMed me, regarding ‘costumes to be in character’ while there. Strictly speaking, the koteka, a penis gourd or sheath, doesn’t appear to be South American, but is tribal style in Papua New Guinea.

Apparently on the Marketplace, for L$25, you can buy a koteka, a penis gourd worn by males of different tribes.


images (1) (1)


Examples of the Koteka in real life


The Second Life version of the Koteka

The SL version is mesh, apparently, and thus our friend and model says it can’t be resized to a smaller and possibly more realistic size, but if you wish to go tribal in a Papua New Guinean manner, this is possibly an item your require.


FKK in der DDR, and a link between naturism and authoritarianism?

I’ve read, more than once, that naturism (FKK – freikoerperkultur– or ‘free body culture’) was popular in the former East Germany because it represented one of the few true freedoms in the country at a time of authoritarian or totalitarian rule. In fact, I’ve read about that from someone who experienced it first hand, Monika, who wrote about it in our ‘My Nude debut’ series. Incidentally, I’ll be bringing that series back later in the year, as it was one of those things that seemed to actively engage with the readership of SL Naturist, with several readers contributing to it.

I’ve been thinking recently about how we in the ‘free’ world are becoming less free as time goes on, with some sort of neocon or neoliberal agenda at work that strips us of our freedoms.

Disturbingly, we’ve even had UK politician Lord Mandelson, as odious a piece of slimy, unlikeable political animal as I could name (and, yes, up to including the creepy Donald Trump) state that ‘we are living in a post-democratic age’.

Google the words ‘post democratic age’ yourself and you’ll be met with a raft of articles in which variations of phrases like ‘we are in the grip of a narrow ruling elite, an “Ideological Caste,” that admits only those into power with the same views’ abound.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the weeks leading up to the UK’s referendum about continued membership of the failed European Union, an organisation that has almost single-handedly, with the unwavering support of self-appointed Chancellor of Europe Angela Merkel, created the humanitarian crisis swamping Europe.










First, I’d encourage you to read an article on naturism in the former East Germany. Having read that, move onto an article on the same blog about allotments, another element of a wider ‘naturism’ that we’ve championed here on SL Naturist.



Possibly a shot of West German naturism (the VW car is the clue here)


ADN-ZB/Grimm/17.5.1989/Berlin: Wetter/ Der "nackte" Wahnsinn sind die Temperaturen dieser Tage - am Langen See in entsprechender Aufmachung scheinen sie erträglich zu sein.

Illustration zu unserem Bericht:Vor 10 Jahren wurde Deutschlands noerdlichster Grenzpunkt geoeffnet (nordbild) KIEL, 2.2.00 Das Archivfoto, aufgenommen im Juli 1987, zeigt die bundesdeutsche Seite zur DDR-Grenze am FKK-Strand auf dem Priwall in Luebeck-Travemuende. Vor 10 Jahren, am 3.2.1990, wurde Deutschlands nördlichster Grenzpunkt zwischen Priwall und dem mecklenburgischen Dorf Poetenitz geoeffnet. Trotz der Einweihung einer neuen Landstrasse 3 Jahre spaeter konnte der Luebecker Stadtteil Priwall bisher nur wenig von der Oeffnung nach Osten profitieren. Dem Stadtteil direkt an der Ostsee mit feinem Sandstrand fehlt es an touristischer Infrastruktur. (nordbild, Christian Eggers)






Not all, but most, photos can be identified as East German naturism taking place.

 We’re a few weeks away from that referendum, but the amount of scare-mongering going on has to be seen to be believed. SL Naturist isn’t really the best place to discuss that issue now, if at all, but to observe this in a wider context. No, the UK isn’t East Berlin, yet, but I was amazed to see a TV report this week in which the Belgian authorities were able to track the movements of the third man involved in the Brussels airport attacks, showing how little real privacy we have. While this will be presented as a case in favour of CCTV by those who wish to snoop, I’m rather more interested in us having privacy. There’s already a raft of people sitting watching these in real time, in order to respond immediately to certain actions, so we’ve got to ask ourselves if we aren’t already behaving, as a society, like the Stasi, East Germany’s notorious secret police.

In the case of East Germany, naturism was already popular before the war, but apparently boomed afterwards, and even further following the building of the Berlin Wall and the existence of the Stasi which had a huge number of operatives and informants spying on their fellow citizens. Naturism was an escape, not only from the regimentation of their lives, but the possibility of being recorded saying ‘subversive’ things covertly. You can’t hide a tape recorder when nude.

Could it be, then, that those who resisted East German authoritarianism did so in the context of naturism?


Sl Naturist has previously posted that there is a possibility that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was a naturist in her youth, although we’ve always been at pains to point out that the photographs that allege to be be her almost certainly aren’t of Frau Merkel.

But for many people, the very idea is delicious, to the extent that there’s even a Facebook page that claims she has been naturist in the (recent) past, with ‘a photograph’.


It looks like a bad Photoshop job to me. What’s delicious about it is the idea of a world leader being a naturist, the very fact of which would certainly alter naturism in a global perspective. It is certainly enough of a story to occasionally get a run-out in the German media.

Back here in the UK, we see our rights and freedoms denuded on a weekly basis, with the state increasingly interfering in the actions of private individuals, all under the idea that the nanny state is protecting us (from ‘what’, exactly, is never made clear).

For me, I think that increasing interference in so many aspects of our daily lives is possibly a driver in the rise in naturist numbers (not just in the UK, but right across Europe). Some of us want to be free of our national government’s rules and regulations, if only for a little while. Fifty years ago a direct correlation between wealth and the length os skirts was being made as the mini skirt swept the world: the hemline index

Could it be that, despite the world apparently swinging in a more conservative direction, that interest in naturism increases as authoritarianism has a foothold?



Another change coming up next weekend at SL Naturist.

Abigail has been undertaking a huge trawl of the grid and the Marketplace for lingerie, something she felt wasn’t being posted about enough in SL.

We’d already flagged up our ‘sister’ blog, Lingerie Lunacy, but that hasn’t taken off as we’d wished due to the lady/avatar who was going to edit that, Debs, no longer being able to maintain an enormous amount of SL time, so Abigail will be taking on editorial duties for Lingerie Lunacy. Diane, who has photographed and written for SL Naturist, will be joining her as assistant editor and photographer.

diane panties2_001b


Here’s a little bit of what to expect at Lingerie Lunacy (above).

Meanwhile…back at SLNHQ, we’ve got two writers who will double up as their own photographers (and I’ll be doing my own photographs in future). I know that I’m not a great SL photographer, and I’ve discussed this with SL friends, who suggest that for our purposes the mood of a location is more important than a great photograph, so on that basis we’re decided we’ll progress on the basis that all three writers will do their own photos too.

I won’t say any more about this now. As you may notice, our ‘explore, research and write during the week, publish at weekends’ routine is now becoming well established. We will therefore introduce you to two members of staff at the weekend.

Hope to catch you all around Friday night, when another tranche of postings begins to be published. Tomorrow night I’m off, somewhere in SL, where the three members of staff will undertake a photo shoot.