Eden Naturopolis re-development


I -Ella- am now back blogging, which wasn’t something I expected, but ‘needs must’ and having invested a bit of time and effort in running SL Naturist, I determined that I’d like to keep it going, as the SL blogosphere is desperately short on ‘lifestyle’ type blogs. I can’t promise I’ll be as regular a blogger as I was previously due to real life commitments, but I’ll do what I can to assist.

During a foray inworld yesterday I got talking to the lovely Brenda, co-owner of Eden, and she was telling me that there will be some re-development around the central teleport rotunda at the Eden Estate.

This morning I teleported over there to check out how work progresses, and was thrilled to find work has commenced with a new club area. Trine has also been there today, checking out the new facilities and I have to say it has already given the area a whole new feel and a lift, while maintaining a familiarity that we enjoy at Eden.

First, here are  some of Trine’s photos. I particularly like the dance floor with lights in it, and Trine appears to have found herself a dance partner!

I think, I’m not entirely certain, that the lighthouse used for our SL Naturist office presence at Eden is also ripe for re-development, so that may disappear in the near future, but rest assured we will be trying to maintain some sort of presence at Eden for the new branded SLFKK, and bringing you news of any further redevelopments.

Moving on, I’ll be adding some of my photos from Eden later today. As Trine has explained, we’re new to the mechanics of blogging, particularly with this new theme, so I’m hoping that the mosaic photos included have a ‘click to enlarge’ capacity to them. I’ll find out imminently! If not, it means more experimentation is required, so I and Trine would ask for your patience in that regard.



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