Hippy chic and the festival season

With summer allegedly with us, soon, it’s not just the naturist season which is getting into full swing. The music festival season is part and parcel of the summer months (the Glastonbury festival is only 7 weeks away, for example).


Elsewhere around the globe, there’s the likes of the Russian ‘Empty Hills’ festival. Many photos on the internet demonstrate that (a) it features a fair bit of nudity and (b) many Russians have adopted a gypsy/bohemian/hippy chic as their festival wardrobe.

The boho skirt and toplessness is almost a uniform, if photos are to be believed. I actually love this look, it’s practical and cool and would certainly be the sort of dress style I’d adopt if attending a festival.



Fortunately, DD Designs have a free group gift available for May (no group join fee), which certainly plugs into this gypsy/boho chic.


Our model shows it with the fringed bikini style top that is part of the set, and dispenses with it in the second image to replicate the dress style of many female festival goers over the forthcoming summer.

Location for photos: Luane’s World/Slice of Heaven





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