Sometimes we all like to do a bit of a makeover in SL, and ring the changes we might not undertake in real life. It’s our opportunity to be more adventurous than we would in our day to day lives.

Meet Clemmie, who I met at DD Designs when I was over there picking up my gypsy boho skirt gift which we blogged earlier today. I feel I should credit Fab Free, and their blogger Love Trill in particular here…it was their blog posting that alerted me to this gift.

Normally, I favour any makeovers until the New Year (New Year, new look, new me) but Clemmie had also spotted the entry at Fab Free and just the existence of the set had left her determined to update her look after a long period of looking the same.

It’s an important part of Second Life to reinvent a look. Just the change of appearance can reinvigorate your SL participation. I know it does mine, although I’d tried to rein in the frequent changes of hairstyle that took place prior to me taking on a role at SL Naturist, and now at SLFKK. Some sense of recognition is important to readers I think.

clemmie makeover composite1

Clemmie had even changed her name today, to reflect how she wished to present herself. ‘Clementine or Clemmie is a nice hippyish name, isn’t it?’ is how she put it to me.

Above (left) is Clemmie in pre-makeover, a self-confessed drab ‘biker girl’, but one who didn’t hang out at biker places, ‘I just liked the biker vest and I’ve been wearing it for ages’. Having picked up the gypsy skirt at DD Designs, she coupled it with a bikini top from her inventory (‘Attitudes’ lingerie, the store no longer exists) and a beaded necklace that is a free gift from Pure Poison.

But was she going to take her makeover further? She was.


Hair from Emotions (L$122), a belly chain, (L$0) nipple piercings (L$10) were part of her changes, before she added some tattoos…including 2hearts  (L$9) just visible on her shoulder in the photo bottom left, a trail of hearts (visible on her tummy, bottom right, L$75), and -not pictured- an ankle tattoo of an anchor (L$50) and further piercings, to her nose, (L$1) and a clit piercing (L$10). To complete a hippy look, Clemmie added underarm hair,  (L$59), all from the marketplace.

In order to properly reflect a hippy look, the pubic hair she already owned in inventory, from Nearly Tactile (a ‘Brazilian’ version) was resized to make her hairier and more hippy like.

Clemmie says that the new look excites her, and that she will almost certainly rethink her SL as a result, to reflect her new look, and visit new sims where she hopes to meet and make new friends.

If you’ve not undergone any reinvention recently, maybe it’s time to consider it as an option.






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