Welcome to SL-FKK


Following Howie’s decision to leave SL, and close down SL Naturist, Ella and I determined to keep the thing going in some shape or form. With SL Naturist ‘closing’ for the second time in a nine month period, we felt that to claim the name for ourselves was one comeback too many. Even Frank Sinatra would have been embarrassed by that number of comebacks.

So it is that we’ve decided to re-brand as SL-FKK. For those not familiar with the ‘fkk’ term (although most European naturists or followers of naturism should be familiar), it’s an acronym for ‘freikoerperkultur‘ -free body culture- which was the name given to naturism at the birth of the lifestyle a little over 100 years ago.

Despite its German origins, the ‘fkk’ sign pointing towards naturist beaches has been adopted across much of the continent of Europe.

Indeed, you will often overhear people talking about the fkk beach, rather than the naturist or nudist beach.


In light of our European background, we’ve decided to incorporate the FKK acronym into our rebranding, and we’ll be referencing the blog as SLFKK accordingly.


Opening up a new blog is a little bit daunting, as Howie had set up the old blog, SL Naturist, and it was a fairly easy walk-through to post and add material as we required. Ella and I have never set up a blog before so please bear (bare!) with us until we acclimatise ourselves with the system. Hopefully, though, this first post will be published in a format as I intended.

I shall be retaining the role of editor, but Ella will be a familiar and regular contributor. We don’t expect to ‘add further staff’, it all got a bit messy on SL Naturist with that approach, but we will accept contributions on a regular basis.

We also hope to freshen up the look of the blog with this new layout, and we won’t be distracted by ‘additional pages’, I don’t think. We’ll essentially stick to the main page with stories and reports from both Second Life naturism and the real world. As before, it is our intention to report on what we regard as ‘genuine’ naturism in SL, that is, to continue to avoid those SL sex locations pretending to be naturist.

As before, my intention is to use SL time to explore during the week, and to do the bulk of the blogging at weekends (although there’s no hard and fast rules).

We’ll make mistakes with this new venture, certainly, but I’d ask for your patience until we grasp the horns of this blogging thing afresh.

As we are essentially new and rebranded, I think Ella and I are agreed that we shall commence our blogging with a revisit to the major naturist locations in Second Life, providing updated slurls, new photos, etc.





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