I knew I owned those wellies!

Yes! I knew I owned the same wellies as worn  by Pookes in a previous post.

Spurred on by what appears to be a rich vein of gifts at the Vintage Gacha Fair, I headed over there myself and grabbed some goodies.

What doesn’t appear to have been picked up by others is a rather delightful lettuce patch.

So I grabbed my pink wellies from underneath the inventory stairs, and got weeding!


The pose is part of the gift.

I’m particularly excited, as there have been some behind-the-scenes developments this week, with Howie bequeathing Trine and I a considerable amount of linden dollars! 🙂

What it means is that his home will be ours for the remainder of this year, at least, and what we want to do is re-develop the land that embraces a wider, more holistic naturism.

It’s not World Naked Gardening Day today by accident. The need to be in nature, on the land, is strong in naturism, and it’s an aspect of naturism that’s overlooked in SL naturism. Trine and I are agreed it’s a theme we’d like to develop over the coming months. In fact, Trine reminds me that Howie alluded to this in a post a number of weeks back on SLN.

Our aim is to redevelop Howie’s current parcel to reflect naturists enthusiasm for being in the garden, growing things. We’ll give you more information on this as time progresses.


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