Toga Party

Hedonism, in Jamaica, is possibly a western hemisphere equivalent to Cap D’Agde. Billing itself as somewhere ‘to be wicked for a week’, that tagline immediately makes me think that there is an element of libertarianism or swinging involved rather than simple, genuine naturism.

TravelSlut's 11th Trip to Hedonism Resort-Jamaica 2015 (33)I’m certain that, like Agde, there are people who visit it and do nothing other than indulge in genuine, wholesome naturism, but there does seem to be an edge to it that would set it beyond the boundaries I’d set for naturism myself.

Evidence of fairly typical naturist activity at Hedonism

The resort seems to hold a toga party, presumably on a weekly basis, and encourages some risqué outfits (although quite how we quantify being risqué, in the context of naked bodies, in a naturist resort, is anyone’s guess).

There’s a Vintage Gacha Event going on in SL right now, with each Gacha provider adding a free gift. At the Independent Objects Gacha you can pick up free togas for him and her.


If you wish to host a toga party at your naturist beach, or simply indulge in some Ancient Roman role-play, now’s your chance!


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