World Naked Gardening Day

Thanks to Pookes for reminding me that today, the first Saturday in May, is World Naked Gardening Day. I knew there was a reason why we worked/work so well together at SLN and now SLFKK!


spade and bucket_001b

spade and bucket2_001b

The bucket and spade set shown in both photos are also from the Vintage Gacha Fair I referenced in the ‘Toga Party’ post earlier.

Looking at the pics, I’m reminded that I, too, own a similar pair of wellies! If memory serves, they used to be a free gift at what was Fab Free Headquarters.

Clearly my more irregular forays into SL mean that I’m not quite on top of naturist events as I once was, but I hope that between us all we’ll be able to keep you abreast of RL, as well as SL, naturist events.



3 thoughts on “World Naked Gardening Day

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