Naked hiking

Abigail wrote about Naked Hiking on the SL Naturist pages earlier this year. Being lucky enough to have quite a lot of hill climbing opportunities near me, it’s something we do all year around, as a hobby, and it was something I was doing yesterday in the hills during our first proper spell of summer weather this year (and coinciding with a weekend! Wow!)

We actually take walking or hiking holidays and being aficionados of France, and its naturist terrain, nude hill walking is something we’ve done before and will do again.

Not much opportunity to go nude yesterday in real life (although I managed to be briefly ‘topless’ at the summit of our walk, in a bit of a change of clothes).

I’m happy to say that the good weather has continued today, so it’s time for the garden, for a bit of naturism, and naturist barbecuing, but I’ve just nipped indoors to post this while my significant other fans the flames. Must dash back outside, as we’ve no way of knowing when we’ll get another magnificent spell of weather like this. I might catch you all later, after sunset.


Go commando?

Dare you go commando?

For those who don’t know, it’s the act of not wearing panties under your outer garments.

And it seems that it’s growing in popularity for health reasons.

Of course, stories like this emerge on a regular basis, but there’s certainly something in it, in allowing your bits to breathe properly.

commando 2_001b

I do know of ladies who’ve suffered from vaginal thrush, on and off, for years, and for whom a period of elongated knickerless-ness, such as a naturist holiday, is the first thing that will kill it off.

There are many health benefits from naturism, and going commando is certainly one way to experience the benefits that a lack of clothes can provide.