I don’t know how it is in your part of the world, but the weather forecast in England is very London-centric (or more accurately, London and the south east of England).

We’ve heard on today’s news that a garden party hosted by the Queen yesterday was a damp affair and that ‘the weather was dreadful’.

This just in: the weather in my part of the world is warm and sunny, not a hint of a cloud, and looking at the map, our UK neighbours in Scotland and Northern Ireland are equally suffering under cloudless skies and high temperatures.

I’ve just come in from a couple of naked hours in our garden to make a pot of tea, and will be returning there imminently until the sun drops behind the trees (and maybe not even then!).


It would be nice if, sometimes, the broadcasters and Met Office remembered that the UK doesn’t end where the M1 north begins.


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