The Instruments

There’s an event on at The Instruments, with lots of freebies to be grabbed. I headed over there earlier to see if there was anything that would fit in my now bulging naturist accessory suitcase. There was ! 🙂

There were some lovely outfits, of course, and yes I did get them, even though they aren’t entirely suitable for holiday wear. I’ve not blogged or photographed them, but I will be wearing them in SL.

sun hat and phone 2_001b


Firstly, there’s a couple of free poses. Poses are always worth getting for photographic purposes. Along with that, I’ve got a new smartphone (it comes in a variety of colours) and the over-sized floppy hat. I‘ve said previously on the SLN blog that keeping the sun off your head is important,  so this is more headgear for my ever growing collection of sun hats.

sun hat and phone 3_001b

I’ve put my phone into this clutch bag. There’s three different bags to be got at this event, and that’s another thing I’d always have with me at the beach for my phone, apartment keys and a few Euros to buy cold drinks or ice creams.

sun hat and phone_001b

And finally of the suitable beach type of items I got is the above pose, a nice ‘movement’ type of pose.I’ve got my smartphone out again, for a reason. Trine is calling me from her slice of SL naturist heaven, and out phone use will certainly lead onto Trine’s next blog entry.




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