I knew I owned those wellies!

Yes! I knew I owned the same wellies as worn  by Pookes in a previous post.

Spurred on by what appears to be a rich vein of gifts at the Vintage Gacha Fair, I headed over there myself and grabbed some goodies.

What doesn’t appear to have been picked up by others is a rather delightful lettuce patch.

So I grabbed my pink wellies from underneath the inventory stairs, and got weeding!


The pose is part of the gift.

I’m particularly excited, as there have been some behind-the-scenes developments this week, with Howie bequeathing Trine and I a considerable amount of linden dollars! 🙂

What it means is that his home will be ours for the remainder of this year, at least, and what we want to do is re-develop the land that embraces a wider, more holistic naturism.

It’s not World Naked Gardening Day today by accident. The need to be in nature, on the land, is strong in naturism, and it’s an aspect of naturism that’s overlooked in SL naturism. Trine and I are agreed it’s a theme we’d like to develop over the coming months. In fact, Trine reminds me that Howie alluded to this in a post a number of weeks back on SLN.

Our aim is to redevelop Howie’s current parcel to reflect naturists enthusiasm for being in the garden, growing things. We’ll give you more information on this as time progresses.


World Naked Gardening Day

Thanks to Pookes for reminding me that today, the first Saturday in May, is World Naked Gardening Day. I knew there was a reason why we worked/work so well together at SLN and now SLFKK!


spade and bucket_001b

spade and bucket2_001b

The bucket and spade set shown in both photos are also from the Vintage Gacha Fair I referenced in the ‘Toga Party’ post earlier.

Looking at the pics, I’m reminded that I, too, own a similar pair of wellies! If memory serves, they used to be a free gift at what was Fab Free Headquarters.

Clearly my more irregular forays into SL mean that I’m not quite on top of naturist events as I once was, but I hope that between us all we’ll be able to keep you abreast of RL, as well as SL, naturist events.



Toga Party

Hedonism, in Jamaica, is possibly a western hemisphere equivalent to Cap D’Agde. Billing itself as somewhere ‘to be wicked for a week’, that tagline immediately makes me think that there is an element of libertarianism or swinging involved rather than simple, genuine naturism.

TravelSlut's 11th Trip to Hedonism Resort-Jamaica 2015 (33)I’m certain that, like Agde, there are people who visit it and do nothing other than indulge in genuine, wholesome naturism, but there does seem to be an edge to it that would set it beyond the boundaries I’d set for naturism myself.

Evidence of fairly typical naturist activity at Hedonism

The resort seems to hold a toga party, presumably on a weekly basis, and encourages some risquĂ© outfits (although quite how we quantify being risquĂ©, in the context of naked bodies, in a naturist resort, is anyone’s guess).

There’s a Vintage Gacha Event going on in SL right now, with each Gacha provider adding a free gift. At the Independent Objects Gacha you can pick up free togas for him and her.


If you wish to host a toga party at your naturist beach, or simply indulge in some Ancient Roman role-play, now’s your chance!


Bluebell time!

I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world, but here in the UK early May signifies bluebell time.



Our friend Pookes has been out and around in Second Life and discovered a beautiful, photogenic sim called ‘The Mill’ where the bluebells are just as magnificent as they are in my local wood right now.

pookes the mill bluebells_001b

Mention of bluebells reminds me of ‘The Bluebell Girls’, a dance troupe who performed at the Folies Bergere in Paris during the war. Led by the Irish born Margaret Kelly, who was ‘Miss Bluebell’,  the troupe were famous for often dancing topless. Fairly humdrum in today’s day and age, but probably risquĂ© enough in World War 2.



I’ve not got the time, until the weekend, to explore and see if there is any SL equivalent of the Folies Bergere, but let’s examine that, shall we, and see if we can undertake our first ‘SL replicates RL’ posting on SL-FKK?



Growing old (dis)gracefully, Part 1. (An Older Avatar post)

In England we have a saying, ‘mutton dressed as lamb;’, which refers to an older woman dressing too young for her age.

Silje, who had joined as ‘older avatar correspondent’ at the end of SL Naturist, has written a piece about maintaining an older avatar in Second Life, for men and women, without looking ridiculous.

Tonight, she kicks off a two-parter looking at the male of the species with a middle-aged or mature avatar.



My SL partner, Jonny, is now over 60. We made a decision, early in our Second Lives, to live them as older avatars, which is not an easy thing to do.

Fortunately there are some places you can buy age-appropriate skins although they’re rare and I wish there were more.

Jonny has got an older skin, called ‘Pierre’, from Atea Avatars, who have a Marketplace presence. Their blog, and their inworld store, both referenced on the MP page, don’t appear to exist any longer. The Pierre skin is priced at L$1500(!!) which is expensive, but Jonny feels it was worth the cost.

I would also recommend Body & Soul, which has a small selection of mature skins for men and women (think 40, rather than 60, though, but priced at a more reasonable L$400) and Little Black Dress do excellent mature female complete avatars at L$899.

Nikita’s also do great older male skins, but once again the cost is around L$2000.

Male avatars suffer a little bit of a disadvantage in Second Life as there is never enough ‘free; stuff around for the guys. With a bit of research you can still dress your avatar in an age-appropriate way. This is more problematic for females and I’ll discuss that in Part 2.

An Amacci hairbase (free) and hair from Damselfly completes Jonny’s look, and he has managed to pick up a free tuxedo on his travels, which (apart from inventory stuff and a biker outfit) suffices as his entire wardrobe.

jonny biker2_001b

Here he is in his biker outfit (Midnight Mania prizes or gifts from Turlaccor Motorbike store). For the guys, there isn’t really a ‘too old to be wearing that’ issue, whereas this is problematic for we ladies. Jonny still looks good, still looks good,  as a 60 year old male in biker leathers. It looks good because we see it a lot in real life, I think. It isn’t unfamiliar, let me put it that way, if we don’t see 60 year old bikers every day. And if we do, we think them dressed appropriately for their method of travel.

And in his tuxedo, we don’t see it as silly. It looks very, very normal.

jonny tux_001c

jonny nudeB_001b

Nude, Jonny’s white chest and pubic hair (thinned due to age) are entirely appropriate and his avatar would not seem remotely out of place on the nudist beaches of Second Life, while he would be almost invisible amongst similarly aged men on a real life naturist beach.

jonny nudec_001b

Even asking Jonny to alter his shape to reflect the thickening of the middle aged male body doesn’t distract too much from the overall look. It is almost as if the avatar accurately reflects the gathering of fat around the pubis, often apparent in men of a certain age, that has the effect of making the penis look smaller (Jonny did not alter the penis size in the two nude photos).

Fortunately he’s in good shape for his age, and resembles more the previous photos. But it’s quite clear that an SL male avatar can wear an older looking skin and look while still remaining good looking.

That’s one thing that differs between the male and the female avatar. I think it is much, much more difficult to create an older looking female avatar and carry it off well. Which is what we’ll examine in part 2 of this posting.







Bodily functions (and some free genitalia)

There are some bodily functions well served by Second Life, namely orgasm. Others, not so much.

Males avatars are more or less required to purchase a penis set for their avatar (yes, of course there are free ones, unrealistically sized, coloured and ridiculous looking) as well as a perfectly sized free male genital set, the Lotus Chrome edition, which you can find at Midnight Lotus. It’s non scripted, which means it doesn’t function in terms or urination, erection or ejaculation. But it does look real, and properly proportioned, so if you’re a new male avatar, it may be that you might wish to pick this up via the link. It’s in a box on the floor (see pic below).


A model wears the Lotus Chrome edition male genitalia.


This free set can be found on a box on the floor, via the link above.

Purchasing male and female genitalia alike provides our avatars with the opportunity to urinate, and with lavatories and appropriate poses available for our SL homes, I would imagine that the act of urination might play a small role in our roleplaying interaction with others.

With the aid of a male friend in SL, we decided to demonstrate how this might work. Firstly, those pants that are halfway off. This is a demo version (L$0) of boxer shorts, half off, that we located on the Marketplace. The full version is L$99 but for our purposes of showing the item in question, the demo version sufficed. The poses are part of the lavatory seen in the photos, and using his male genitalia (Lotus Gold edition), my friend was able to urinate as he might in real life, bringing some level of realism to this generally private bodily function.

This isn’t essentially something that will be to everyone’s taste, but it is something we all do, and there’s a kind of naturist angle to all of this, namely the absence of lavatories on beaches, and we’ll come back to that presently.

Prior to that we’ll address the need for ladies to have a pee.

The female avatars amongst us will know that there is no need for genital add-ons to run a perfectly functional avi and, should it be your particular interest, add female genitalia to your avi to aid and add realism.

Until recently I never felt there was any real need to add on female genitalia and I’ve functioned perfectly well without. However, with this particular post in mind, I’ve recently bought female genitalia (Lotus, again, but there are other makes available).

While researching this, I discovered that females do have a cheap option for functioning genitals, with the existence of a ‘Sex and Spice Pussy’ on the Marketplace (price L$0).

Further research showed there was a male equivalent, the Sex & Spice Cock, also priced at L$0.

Let’s begin with the male version, and see how it performs (after a manner of speaking…I didn’t test drive it, hahaha! 🙂 )

I was, however hugely impressed by what you get for your L$0!

Firstly, there are options for circumcised and uncut looks.


I have to say that the designer’s understanding of what an uncut penis looks like puts some other genital designers to shame. This is an excellent representation of the uncut, flaccid penis.

Top row (above): flaccid uncut, flaccid cut, semi-erect and erect representations. There are no intermediate options for states of erection other than flaccid, semi and fully erect.

Bottom row (above) : wearing a condom -an option to this penis that also steals a march on other genitalia designers, urinating and orgasming. The urine stream and semen streams are, well, a bit over the top, but they are damned small issues to take up with what is an excellent product. Why are some SL male avatars still wandering around with oversized, badly coloured cocks when this is available for free?

Let us move onto the female equivalents of all of this above.

Firstly, there’s the same ‘panties down’ clothing, on the Marketplace, that we sourced for the male. This is also a demo version, but I have to say that we didn’t actually find any sort of markings for ‘demo’ on the panties (the male version carried a ‘demo’ box over the avi’s head).

Utilising the same lavatory poses, it was possible to replicate the act of a female taking a pee in Second Life fairly realistically.

Our model also added the Sex & Spice Pussy (see the link above) which have her a peeing animation. She also added an outdoors photo of her avi taking a pee behind a tree (yes, ladies, there’s hardly one of us alive who’ve not had that experience at least once or twice in our lives!).


Our model wears the Sex & Spice Pussy

(L-R: The pussy close up, the urination animation (as with the male version, the urine stream is somewhat overdone, but at L$0, who’s complaining?), the pussy with a piercing -which comes as part of the package, this isn’t a separately purchased add-on). On these first three photos I asked our model not to colour the pussy to match her skin tone, for purposes of clarity. In the final pic the pussy is colour matched to the model’s skin).

As with an understanding of the foreskin in the male version, the female version -and this is unique to my understanding- also understands that not all pussies look the same. For some ladies, it’s nothing but a smooth slit, while others will understand that there are some differences, as unique as we are.


An implicit understanding that the labia may protrude more on some women more than others is good to see.

These free genitalia for male and female are excellent. I note that the female version allows for the taking of a contraceptive pill, thus to avoid pregnancy, and if two avatars wearing ‘Sex & Spice’ genitals don’t use contraception (either the condom for males, or pill for females) ‘you could get pregnant’, is the warning.

Our models also ‘test drove’ the products, if you see what I mean. I have been sent photos of the respective male and female products in use (with a condom being used) but this really isn’t part of SL-FKK’s remit, so I won’t be publishing those. I’m told that, upon ejaculation, the male part immediately returns to its flaccid state and the condom being worn disappears.

Exceptionally thorough product, then, and amazing when one considers that both are free. While the sexual element of the products isn’t our remit, the realistic nature of them naturally interests us, and in many ways they outperform, in terms of realism, some genital products costing several hundred linden dollars.





Sometimes we all like to do a bit of a makeover in SL, and ring the changes we might not undertake in real life. It’s our opportunity to be more adventurous than we would in our day to day lives.

Meet Clemmie, who I met at DD Designs when I was over there picking up my gypsy boho skirt gift which we blogged earlier today. I feel I should credit Fab Free, and their blogger Love Trill in particular here…it was their blog posting that alerted me to this gift.

Normally, I favour any makeovers until the New Year (New Year, new look, new me) but Clemmie had also spotted the entry at Fab Free and just the existence of the set had left her determined to update her look after a long period of looking the same.

It’s an important part of Second Life to reinvent a look. Just the change of appearance can reinvigorate your SL participation. I know it does mine, although I’d tried to rein in the frequent changes of hairstyle that took place prior to me taking on a role at SL Naturist, and now at SLFKK. Some sense of recognition is important to readers I think.

clemmie makeover composite1

Clemmie had even changed her name today, to reflect how she wished to present herself. ‘Clementine or Clemmie is a nice hippyish name, isn’t it?’ is how she put it to me.

Above (left) is Clemmie in pre-makeover, a self-confessed drab ‘biker girl’, but one who didn’t hang out at biker places, ‘I just liked the biker vest and I’ve been wearing it for ages’. Having picked up the gypsy skirt at DD Designs, she coupled it with a bikini top from her inventory (‘Attitudes’ lingerie, the store no longer exists) and a beaded necklace that is a free gift from Pure Poison.

But was she going to take her makeover further? She was.


Hair from Emotions (L$122), a belly chain, (L$0) nipple piercings (L$10) were part of her changes, before she added some tattoos…including 2hearts  (L$9) just visible on her shoulder in the photo bottom left, a trail of hearts (visible on her tummy, bottom right, L$75), and -not pictured- an ankle tattoo of an anchor (L$50) and further piercings, to her nose, (L$1) and a clit piercing (L$10). To complete a hippy look, Clemmie added underarm hair,  (L$59), all from the marketplace.

In order to properly reflect a hippy look, the pubic hair she already owned in inventory, from Nearly Tactile (a ‘Brazilian’ version) was resized to make her hairier and more hippy like.

Clemmie says that the new look excites her, and that she will almost certainly rethink her SL as a result, to reflect her new look, and visit new sims where she hopes to meet and make new friends.

If you’ve not undergone any reinvention recently, maybe it’s time to consider it as an option.






Hippy chic and the festival season

With summer allegedly with us, soon, it’s not just the naturist season which is getting into full swing. The music festival season is part and parcel of the summer months (the Glastonbury festival is only 7 weeks away, for example).


Elsewhere around the globe, there’s the likes of the Russian ‘Empty Hills’ festival. Many photos on the internet demonstrate that (a) it features a fair bit of nudity and (b) many Russians have adopted a gypsy/bohemian/hippy chic as their festival wardrobe.

The boho skirt and toplessness is almost a uniform, if photos are to be believed. I actually love this look, it’s practical and cool and would certainly be the sort of dress style I’d adopt if attending a festival.



Fortunately, DD Designs have a free group gift available for May (no group join fee), which certainly plugs into this gypsy/boho chic.


Our model shows it with the fringed bikini style top that is part of the set, and dispenses with it in the second image to replicate the dress style of many female festival goers over the forthcoming summer.

Location for photos: Luane’s World/Slice of Heaven





Eden changes

As promised, some of my photos from a changing Eden. These were largely taken at the new club area Trine visited earlier, plus a few from a new Ocho Rios area sited just behind the lighthouse where the SL Naturist offices (hopefully soon to be the SLFKK offices) are situated.