Nakba Nudes


We’re reluctant to use the image above, as we hate infringing copyright. However, it’s necessary to use something of an image to illustrate the post. As it directs towards the photographer’s blurb page, I hope use of the image is considered ‘fair use’ for the purposes of advertising Brian Grossman’s book of excellent fine art photographs, one with a story behind it as well.

I won’t try to explain the concept, other than to say that it focuses on Israel/Palestine, and insist you head over to Mr.Grossman’s blurb page or his tumblr page to see his magnificent photography and be able to read about the concept behind the book.

Of course, as is usual for us, there was an attempt to recreate real life within Second Life.

Our models don’t quite replicate Palestine and Israel. Ofra (on the right) is Israeli but Sisman (left) is a Turkish avatar.




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