Pubic hair on a budget

Ella has been written about this topic before on SL Naturist, but we’re going to take a look at pubic hair, again, in the context of Second Life.

Our favourite pubic hair, for men and women, is Nearly Tactile, but there are other brands around.

Recently, I was poking around on the Marketplace and discovered another ‘prim flexi’ pubic hair, by Skoda Thor (of Intimate Garden fame). Prior to the emergence of Nearly Tactile, a lot of avatars would have used Intimate Garden for their pubic needs.

Rather importantly, this pubic hair is free, L$0.

It’s advertised as female pubic hair but we like to experiment a bit here at SL-FKK, so we got a willing volunteer to try it out on a male avatar. 🙂


This is our model sporting his usual look, with Nearly Tactile pubic hair.


And this is our model with the Nearly Tactile ‘man muff’ removed.

The remaining pubic hair is part of the model’s skin, but without prim pubes, the join between the body and genitalia is very apparent. Note, also, that the colouration of the penis becomes more stark, not exactly matched. That colour issue is certainly softened with the addition of pubes.

Using the free prim pubes from the Marketplace (designed for women, remember), the effect becomes this…

close up_001b

You can just about see it directly above the shaft of the penis. However, using the edit function, and ‘stretch all sides’, it’s possible to make the pubes larger.

close up2_001b

Even if this male skin had come with a completely bald pubis to start with, it would certainly ‘soften’ the awkward join between the avatar’s body and genitals.

We’ll come back to the male in just a moment, but for reasons of comparison, here’s how it looks on the female avatar in its ‘straight out of the box’ configuration.

diane flexi pubic_001b

diane hairy pits & bush_001b

Using the stretch function, it’s possible to create a full bush for L$0!


This post was partly inspired by an article in (the UK’s) Daily Telegraph about an increasing need for males, as well as females, to trim or shave their genitals.


I know that pubic hair removal is popular in both men and women, and I posted an infographic recently that highlights the style in both men and women.

I’d like to hear from male avatars on the best way to match your genital colour to your avatar skin colour while maintaining a ‘smooth’ look.


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