Selfie Saturday/Selfie Sunday

We all know of Topless Tuesday, don’t we?selfie saturday

We’ve decided that we’re going to run a semi-regular version, Selfie Saturday (or Selfie Sunday!). The difference (it’s SL-FKK…that means naturism!) is that it’s intended to be a fully nude selfie, with the results posted over the weekend.

Currently, Reel Poses have the selfie seen in the photo above (it conveniently comes with a smart phone) for just L$1, so there’s no reason not to participate.





London’s first naked restaurant.

London has opened its first naked restaurant, The Bunyadi.


Just as importantly, there will be ‘no mobile phones and no food preparation that requires electrical appliances’.

I like this idea already. What sort of anti-social world have we become that we can’t live without mobile phones for more than five minutes? What sort of world have we become that requires fast-food, packaged food, processed food?

This follows on the heels of news (a couple of weeks old now) that sales of physical books are rising, e-books declining.

Add to that the resurgence in vinyl records, and it’s an orderly queue away from ‘digital’.

While digital has been marvellous, and allows us to do so much -blog, for example…how much of a global readership might SL-FKK (or SL Naturist) have had churning out a photocopied ‘fanzine’?- it seems we now hanker after a simpler life, one that eschews digital formats for something simpler, be it the crackles on a record, the chatter of conversation as opposed to ‘checking in’ to a restaurant on a device, slow food and an escape from the vagaries of fashion in the best suit we’ll ever own.






Tunick in Bogota

How did you spend World Naturist Day?

Spencer Tunick spent it in Bogota, Colombia, going his latest shoot.

Next stop for Tunick is Hull, Yorkshire, England, on July 9th.

I’ll be going. Previously I thought that things like the WNBR or a Tunick shoot wouldn’t be ‘my thing’, preferring to stick to ‘traditional’ naturism, but the editor’s chair at SL-FKK demands it’s a case of pursuing new ‘naked in public’ experiences.

I shall, of course, be reporting back from Hull in the days after the event.

In the meantime, it’s the Manchester WNBR to look forward to this weekend, and I confess to being a little bit anxious about it right now 🙂