London’s first naked restaurant.

London has opened its first naked restaurant, The Bunyadi.


Just as importantly, there will be ‘no mobile phones and no food preparation that requires electrical appliances’.

I like this idea already. What sort of anti-social world have we become that we can’t live without mobile phones for more than five minutes? What sort of world have we become that requires fast-food, packaged food, processed food?

This follows on the heels of news (a couple of weeks old now) that sales of physical books are rising, e-books declining.

Add to that the resurgence in vinyl records, and it’s an orderly queue away from ‘digital’.

While digital has been marvellous, and allows us to do so much -blog, for example…how much of a global readership might SL-FKK (or SL Naturist) have had churning out a photocopied ‘fanzine’?- it seems we now hanker after a simpler life, one that eschews digital formats for something simpler, be it the crackles on a record, the chatter of conversation as opposed to ‘checking in’ to a restaurant on a device, slow food and an escape from the vagaries of fashion in the best suit we’ll ever own.






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