Beach Ball

Sometimes it’s a naturist cliche, sometimes it’s entirely true.

I’ve been over at the IOS store to pick up a free beach ball pose, before getting stripped off to pose with it on the beach.

And while it’s not strictly ‘the beach’, some children are enjoying their weekend playing with a ball in the pool below me.

ella beach ball_001b

Often, on the nearby naturist beach, you will see people playing with beach balls, playing with bats and balls (very popular) and occasionally a full volleyball court full of mixed gender naturists.




Commencing the ‘Postcards from Spain’

I’ve spent the most of my first week in Spain touring apartments. Some are fantastically priced, but there’s always been a downside! 😦

Too close to the river…mosquito hell!

Too close to a bar….noise hell!

And so on.

I’m pretty sure that, unless something turns up unexpectedly, I won’t be buying this trip out. And I’ve no got a week on my own to fill.

I’ve also moved apartment, from the ‘textile’ area down to the naturist zone, as my usual apartment wasn’t available last week.Mature SwimmerB


I’ve just moved into my usual place in the past hour, and it’s early, so not much naturism in evidence so far, other than people taking an early morning dip in the complex’s pool. However, I’ll be trying to report on naturism, as it happens, on a daily basis over the next week or so.