There’s another cart sale on at the Wash, which I still think of as Fab Free Headquarters.

L$20 will get you a set of ‘Pride Paws’ tattoos (L$10 for each top and bottom tattoo), as worn by our model below

.ringo pride tattoos_001b

In these intolerant times, with gay people targeted on a daily basis around the world, it’s important that we send out a strong message that a properly functioning society does not discriminate against people, regardless of their sexuality (colour, creed or gender). Recent events in Orlando show how much hatred their can be against people minding their own business, harming no one. ‘Transgender toilet’ issues in the United States are another example of intolerance. The daily targeting, by state edict, across Putin’s Russia are another example of deep seated homophobia around the globe.

Naturism has long had a great reputation for tolerance and acceptance, not only of size, shape, skin colour but of sexuality. Where I’m staying has a couple of gay clubs, hubs of fun, freedom and an all-embracing acceptance that symbolises the lifestyle. It’s a message we, naturists, need to get out to the wider world with a strong, singular voice.


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