Naked yoga

I’ve just had breakfast, some still warm bread and orange juice, on the balcony, and before I head off to the beach, I went for a swim in the pool.

One of my fellow holidaymakers was, rather beautifully I thought, doing naked yoga on the pool apron, which inspired me to hop onto Second Life, teleport over to Eden Naturopolis’ outdoor gym, and do a little virtual yoga myself.


I shall return with more observations after lunch! 🙂


Summer Days

Designer Circle features some ‘Summer Days’ poses from Soon Come Poses.

There’s a ‘beach picnic’ one that I’ll post about later on, maybe directly after I’ve had today’s beach picnic in the company of my friend Maria, but first, this…

…one new (to me) thing I’ve spotted this year is a guy who walks by carrying a windsurfing board each afternoon, on his way back from the beach.

While this isn’t strictly speaking a windsurfing pose, I thought I must have it!

ella surboard2_001c

It also comes with a ‘full scene’ (flowing water, jet ski and so on) as part of the same pose pack.

I’m off out now to do some grocery shopping, and on my return I’ll be off to be beach with Maria. But I’ll be back later with some reports of my day.



Summer Solstice

How are you this beautiful morning? What do you mean, it’s a Monday, it’s wet and you’re tired? Some of us have been up for ages, and headed down to the beach to catch the solstice sunrise.

I wasn’t alone, even at the exceptionally early hour, and was joined on the beach by several others, some of whom were also photographing the dawn.

solstice dawn ella.JPGNot only were there a couple of us capturing the scene, but there were dog walkers, joggers (both nude and textile) using the beach at that time.

ella solstice surrise2_001b

I’ve also replicated the scene in Second Life, taking the opportunity to head to the very edges of the Eden Naturist Estate and capture the sun rise on this beautiful morning!