Still here, by the way!

I’ve just popped in to say that I’m enjoying Ella’s posts enormously, and I won’t post again until she’s back from her holidays. I’ve a bunch of posts waiting to go, but they’ll keep for now.

trine framed building_001b


Why is that man like that, Mummy?

As usual, with children, it’s a case of trying to keep them out of the hottest part of the day, but we will wander down to one of the naturist beach bars and get the children an ice cream or a glass of lemonade.

As we were returning, we passed a man sporting a large collection of genital piercings, specifically scrotum piercings, and he was wearing a number of rings through his scrotal sac.

Now, we’ve got the children raised so that they know not to ask questions too loud, too publicly 🙂 So we had passed the gentleman and his partner before our older son asked about the piercings.

It’s not a regular sighting  where we are, I have to say. An occasional clit ring may be spotted at the naturist hotel, but that’s the extent of genital jewellery in my experience.

I explained to the children that some men like to have various types of piercings undertaken, and even at my son’s tender years, his response was ‘Ouch! That sounds really painful!’. 🙂

genital jewelry_001b

‘Is that the same as ladies having an ear ring in their vagina, Mummy?’ piped up my daughter. No, we don’t have ‘pet names’ for various parts of the body.  We give them their proper names.

I explained that it was. These things shouldn’t be ‘explained away’ with some ridiculous reason. Kids aren’t stupid, so why should we treat them as if they were?

Both of the older ones are also fully aware of the facts of life already. This wasn’t forced on them, but if they ask questions, they get factual answers. Thus, when I was pregnant recently one of the other mums at the school gates was laughing hard when she told me that our son had explained to her son that Daddy had put his penis in Mummy’s vagina and produced semen which mixed with Mummy’s egg to make a baby…

I’m relaxed about the whole sexuality thing, but I think I probably blushed quite deeply at that being recited back to me! 🙂


And Granny made six…

My mother in law, a woman in her late 60s, has accompanied us on this trip to Spain. It’s her first experience of a naturist environment, but her joining us is something we’ve talked about for a couple of years now.

My husband will merrily go nude on holiday, and at home, but he has been resistant to his Mum joining us. Despite his naturist confidence, ‘I don’t want my mother seeing me naked’. Particularly as it wasn’t to be a two-way thing. Audrey, my mother in law, will strip off casually when we take the children to a swimming pool at home, but nude in public?

So my husband was very reluctant for her to join us. He thought it would limit him, and put us in a position where clothes would be worn when not necessary.

‘I gave birth to him, breastfed him, washed & bathed him for his early life…it’s not as though I haven’t seen it all before!’, Audrey said.

Well…perhaps not, but not as an adult.

We probably didn’t need to worry too much. The fact that nudity is obligatory in all complex pools meant that Granny had to strip off to accompany the older children into the water. Granted, on her first day, Saturday, she wore a sarong for the trip between the apartment and pool and slipped it off at the pool apron to go into the water with the children, wrapping herself in a towel for the return trip.

My husband and I went to the beach in the afternoon, leaving the children in Granny’s care, and when we returned (my husband having pulled shorts on!!!) which our older son found amusing, as he knows we never wear clothes on holiday.

‘Why are you wearing shorts, Daddy?’

‘Yes’, said Audrey, ‘why are you wearing shorts in a naturist location?’

There was a ‘gulp’ moment, not unlike making his nude debut, he told me later, but off came the shorts.

grandmakeng and jim_001b

Audrey didn’t remove the sarong she was wearing, but arrived at our apartment (we’re about six doors apart) fully nude.

I had to laugh when my husband said ‘You didn’t walk down here like that?’ as if his mother couldn’t possibly be naked in public.

But ‘that moment’ had been hurdled, and Granny hasn’t really dressed since. Yes, she still wraps herself in a sarong if we’re out on the streets, many experienced naturist ladies do likewise, but otherwise, she has readily embraced naturism remarkable easily. In the confines of the women’s changing room at a pool, I can see that she might be relaxed about it, but I thought she might be confining herself to the pool, or maybe a sea bathe in less busy periods of the day. But no…she’s accompanied me on my nude stroll each morning, has swum in the sea in the middle of the afternoon, when the beach is at its most crowded, and happily got into the spirit of it all.

‘I wish I could have discovered this fifty years ago!’, she keeps telling me. 🙂


They grow up so fast!

My mother in law is with us on this trip, joining us for the second week. She has fully and enthusiastically embraced naturism, and there’s the added advantage of her being a babysitter that has allowed my husband and I some ‘us’ time for evening meals.

She has, of course, been spoiling the children, and bought the older two ‘toy digital video cameras’ which take video in quite low resolution (what do you expect for €20?) Don’t they grow up so fast? Dolls last year, technology this year. I’ve no idea if this is ‘a good thing’.

We walked down to the beach last evening, when the fiercest sun had passed, and my daughter was taking photos as we walked. As they’re low resolution, I don’t mind posting these, as we’re under hats and pretty much unidentifiable, probably even to our friends.

ella and jim2b

I’m trying to encourage my daughter to put down the camera for a moment and come and say hello to the dogs 🙂

ella and jimB

She wasn’t overly interested, though, and continued to snap Mum and Dad while Granny and the boys crossed the road to pet the dogs.

I’ll be back later on with a report on Granny’s easy acceptance of naturism.