They grow up so fast!

My mother in law is with us on this trip, joining us for the second week. She has fully and enthusiastically embraced naturism, and there’s the added advantage of her being a babysitter that has allowed my husband and I some ‘us’ time for evening meals.

She has, of course, been spoiling the children, and bought the older two ‘toy digital video cameras’ which take video in quite low resolution (what do you expect for €20?) Don’t they grow up so fast? Dolls last year, technology this year. I’ve no idea if this is ‘a good thing’.

We walked down to the beach last evening, when the fiercest sun had passed, and my daughter was taking photos as we walked. As they’re low resolution, I don’t mind posting these, as we’re under hats and pretty much unidentifiable, probably even to our friends.

ella and jim2b

I’m trying to encourage my daughter to put down the camera for a moment and come and say hello to the dogs 🙂

ella and jimB

She wasn’t overly interested, though, and continued to snap Mum and Dad while Granny and the boys crossed the road to pet the dogs.

I’ll be back later on with a report on Granny’s easy acceptance of naturism.


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