Oh dear! Does my tummy look big in this…postpartum condition 🙂

There’s clearly a breastfeeding boob thing going on too! Not that, never having been well blessed in that department, I’m complaining much at the fact I actually have boobs! Oh dear…more gym sessions for me when I get home! 🙂


No posts today

ella dressed for town2_001b


I won’t be posting any further today, as we’re dressed for the town we often visit. After grabbing breakfast there and doing some shopping, it’s lunch with friends, a bit of late afternoon naturism on the beach, dinner and then the St Juan’s night celebrations.

We’ll be back to naturism and blogging tomorrow!



I spoke in another post about how naturism is open to all and everyone is welcomed to the lifestyle. No one is judged by skin colour, gender, creed or sexuality.

Several of my friends here are gay, and they’re an important part of naturism here.

ori pulse_001c

As I explained previously about our children being fully aware of the facts of life, they’re also aware that men can form relationships with men, and women with women, as readily as men and women can form relationships.

In all instances, the emphasis should be on love in a world often full of hate.

While I was out on my morning stroll this morning, ‘Grandma Keng’ came with me, we happened upon one of my gay friends who was on his morning naked beach jog prior to going to work.

Second Life has a healthy gay scene too, a space where I believe there has also been some homophobic behaviour in the past -hate speech. In the 21st century, isn’t it time people grew up about this and stopped having these sort of ludicrous prejudices? Naturism is ahead of the curve in this respect. If we don’t judge others according to their size or shape, and accept people for who they are, then equally we naturists don’t judge on others’ sexuality. Time for the rest of the world to take a page out of naturism’s book.