A new naturist nearby

The apartment where we stay has seen several different residents in the apartment directly opposite.

First there was the elderly gentleman who lived alone, came home from work each day and stripped off to sunbathe.

Then he seemed to find himself a middle-aged girlfriend, who we never saw going nude, and who was diarised on the SL Naturist blog asa little bit of a mini-series, ‘Consuelo’ while we simply surmised whether or not she ever became naturist.

The gentleman moved out, and was replaced by a young woman who didn’t appear to be naturist at all. Her mother sometimes lived with her, and the two of them carried on those Latin-type arguments with each other. The elderly mother, however, was a ‘meerkat’ type whose head bobbed up each time there were naked men around the pool!

The apartment has now changed hands again, and is occupied by a young woman of around 30 years of age. When we were having breakfast this morning she appeared wandering around in a nightie, then black underwear, which -while it’s none of my business- really annoys me to think that there are non-naturists occupying apartments that could and should have been sold to naturists. It’s ‘textile creep’, in my view, in the same way that some naturist sims are now frequented by people who never take their clothes off.

black undies

Then the telephone engineer turned up, so it seems she was only dressed to let him in. Once he’d done what he had to do, off came her clothes to sit on her balcony! I don’t know why this should please me so much, but I just like the idea that naturist apartments should be sold to naturists.

alcony hairy

As I said earlier in the week, it seems that pubic hair is making a return to fashion, as this young woman, from a generation for whom shaving was the norm, was sporting a trimmed but very evident ‘bush’. Like I said…it’s coming back.



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