Dear Abby…

We aren’t a ‘problems page’, but I was recently messaged by an SLFKK reader who has a naturist dilemma. 

I have my own theory on this, but before I offer that, I’m going to throw the floor open for answers as to how you, the SLFKK readers, would deal with this.


Hi, Trine,

My husband and I have been naturists for a number of years and bought our own place at a naturist holiday resort. We rent it out and at the end of the summer he goes out there alone and repaints it all for next season, and sometimes assemble new furniture we may have bought.

Our children (two boys and a girl, now all in their late teens) were all raised as naturists and think nothing of being nude in each other’s company on holiday, even now, and our bathroom at home essentially has an open door policy. They’re all used to seeing one another naked, or Mum and Dad naked, and think nothing of it.

While we’ve been enthusiastic naturists our entire lives, we’ve not been open about it until recently.  We’ve been telling friends and family, and when one of my sisters-in-law heard about it she expressed a desire to accompany my husband to our holiday home as ‘naturism has always been something I’ve wanted to do’.

Maybe there’s something in the genes. My other sister-in-law said she’d like to try it as well, but would book a week from us next year.

My husband is a relaxed, confident naturist, but feels ‘weirded out’ by this request. Anyone in the world can see him naked, he says, but he is uncomfortable about being nude in the company of his sister. I’ve tried pointing out that our children are siblings comfortable in each other’s naked presence, so how would he and his sister be any different?


Is it weird for adult siblings to enjoy naturism together?

He’s digging his heels in over this, and I’m trying to encourage him to take her, as she’s recently been through a messy divorce and could do with a break away from her routine.

How would you, as an experienced naturist yourself, approach this?


I do have a view, which I’ll publish in due course, but before I do, I’d like our naturist readership to offer their opinion on this sibling awkwardness.



8 thoughts on “Dear Abby…

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  2. This is perplexing and yet, understandable IF he was not raising his kids to not be shy about their own bods and IF, he did not embrace the true meaning of FKK (he does) or simple nudity not being something to be ashamed of. He was not raised in it, but adopted it and embraced it and your statement back to him was spot on. He has no defence to it. He wants his sons and daughters to be ‘normal’ about either FKK or at home incidental nudity and as we all know, all studies show that kids who are raised in that fashion, with those beiefs, are better off mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    But I would stick with the simple polite counter you posed him. “Our kids , you WANT to be that way, ARE that way, and you not only agree with that, you support it. Your sister seems ready to shed any inhibitiuons and yes, she will see her brothers package but we know the attitude is ‘so what’? I am betting growing up she knows what he looks like nude anyway. Most sisters and siblings do.
    I was raised in the FKK belief and practice on the beaches of S. Texas and yes, to this day there are no issues with simple nudity ever at home with siblings who drop over or such. It.simply.doesnt.matter and he needs to practice what he preaches and major props to your kids for sure!

    • I think the naturist philosophy is about freedom and body acceptance and accepting other people’s choices of dress. If feel like a woman who wants to wear a hijab is more aligned with the naturist philosophy than a woman who feels pressured into dressing scantily to please a man. The same applies here. No matter what the reason he doesn’t feel comfortable nude in front of his sibling, his comfort is paramount. He shouldn’t feel obliged to go nude. On the other hand, his sister shouldn’t have to miss an opportunity to explore how she wants to be (un)clothed. He should be able to take her up there and explain that for some reason that maybe he doesn’t even understand, he doesn’t feel comfortable in front of her. Probably after a short while, he will feel less comfortable dressed than undressed but that will still be up to him to decide.

    • He should ask his children about it, and have an open (with his wife present) conversation with his sister. When his problem is aired it will very likely disappear. Did he not have a problem with his mother holidaying with the family, that turned out O.K., it is likely this will turn out just fine too.

      • Just to clarify, the man holidaying with his mother is a different person to the man who might be holidaying with his sister. But your conclusion is, in my view, 100% correct. It will turn out fine.


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