Just enough time…

…to do a post about our last morning.

I mentioned our new naturist neighbour earlier in the week.

Her occasional naturism made me wonder if she wasn’t an overly confident naturist, perhaps new to the lifestyle, as she didn’t appear to be a regular visitor to her balcony. This morning she allayed those fears by emerging in a cotton nightdress, removing it on the balcony and then spending a lot of time overlooking the balcony for her cat.

She’s a confident naturist, actually.

cat girl_001b


Despite it being a hazy morning she’s wandered the balcony in a confident, contended, happily naked manner.

And, as I also reported, she’s wearing a ‘natural’ look, further evidence that, as I also said earlier in the week, ‘girl fur is back‘. Taking my usual stroll along the beach this morning there was even more evidence of that, across all age groups!

spencer bike_001bFinally, while I was out, I did spot a man riding his bike, fully nude, on the roads of the naturist village here. And then another…and another…

It’s not something I’ve ever done here, but next time, I promise…


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