We’re all off home later today, so no posts from me until I’m there, and I’ll let Trine get to publishing the other stories she mentioned earlier in the week.

As we’re travelling today, it was a planned ‘quiet’ night last night – until the music started!

My husband wandered off to source it, and came back to report that some sort of Gay Pride parade was happening here at 10pm. So clothes on…and out to watch it.lgbtflag_2873116b

I’m ashamed to say that we did put clothes on, as naturists intermingled with a clothed crowd and if the gay community could fly their rainbow flag with pride, then surely I should have been flying the naturist flag in what I chose (not) to wear, as others happily demonstrated their naturist credentials?

But I’ve not been in that situation before, with a mixed nude/clothed crowd of such proportions, and had no framework to go by. Next time, I’ll know exactly how to (un)dress for it.

I may publish photos from the event, a fun, colourful, vibrant occasion, when I get home.




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