A new naturist nearby

The apartment where we stay has seen several different residents in the apartment directly opposite.

First there was the elderly gentleman who lived alone, came home from work each day and stripped off to sunbathe.

Then he seemed to find himself a middle-aged girlfriend, who we never saw going nude, and who was diarised on the SL Naturist blog asa little bit of a mini-series, ‘Consuelo’ while we simply surmised whether or not she ever became naturist.

The gentleman moved out, and was replaced by a young woman who didn’t appear to be naturist at all. Her mother sometimes lived with her, and the two of them carried on those Latin-type arguments with each other. The elderly mother, however, was a ‘meerkat’ type whose head bobbed up each time there were naked men around the pool!

The apartment has now changed hands again, and is occupied by a young woman of around 30 years of age. When we were having breakfast this morning she appeared wandering around in a nightie, then black underwear, which -while it’s none of my business- really annoys me to think that there are non-naturists occupying apartments that could and should have been sold to naturists. It’s ‘textile creep’, in my view, in the same way that some naturist sims are now frequented by people who never take their clothes off.

black undies

Then the telephone engineer turned up, so it seems she was only dressed to let him in. Once he’d done what he had to do, off came her clothes to sit on her balcony! I don’t know why this should please me so much, but I just like the idea that naturist apartments should be sold to naturists.

alcony hairy

As I said earlier in the week, it seems that pubic hair is making a return to fashion, as this young woman, from a generation for whom shaving was the norm, was sporting a trimmed but very evident ‘bush’. Like I said…it’s coming back.



St. Juan’s night.

To celebrate St. Juan, bonfires are lit on the beaches, wishes are written on a piece of paper and thrown into the fire, you turn around three times and walk backwards into the sea to cleanse yourself in a ritual midnight, or post-midnight dip.

That means a skinny dip in this part of the world.

The waves were a little higher than usual, so there weren’t too many nude bathers in the early hours of this morning, but we stripped off with friends and got in anyway. 🙂

st juan skinny dip_001b



Oh dear! Does my tummy look big in this…postpartum condition 🙂

There’s clearly a breastfeeding boob thing going on too! Not that, never having been well blessed in that department, I’m complaining much at the fact I actually have boobs! Oh dear…more gym sessions for me when I get home! 🙂


No posts today

ella dressed for town2_001b


I won’t be posting any further today, as we’re dressed for the town we often visit. After grabbing breakfast there and doing some shopping, it’s lunch with friends, a bit of late afternoon naturism on the beach, dinner and then the St Juan’s night celebrations.

We’ll be back to naturism and blogging tomorrow!



I spoke in another post about how naturism is open to all and everyone is welcomed to the lifestyle. No one is judged by skin colour, gender, creed or sexuality.

Several of my friends here are gay, and they’re an important part of naturism here.

ori pulse_001c

As I explained previously about our children being fully aware of the facts of life, they’re also aware that men can form relationships with men, and women with women, as readily as men and women can form relationships.

In all instances, the emphasis should be on love in a world often full of hate.

While I was out on my morning stroll this morning, ‘Grandma Keng’ came with me, we happened upon one of my gay friends who was on his morning naked beach jog prior to going to work.

Second Life has a healthy gay scene too, a space where I believe there has also been some homophobic behaviour in the past -hate speech. In the 21st century, isn’t it time people grew up about this and stopped having these sort of ludicrous prejudices? Naturism is ahead of the curve in this respect. If we don’t judge others according to their size or shape, and accept people for who they are, then equally we naturists don’t judge on others’ sexuality. Time for the rest of the world to take a page out of naturism’s book.



The day cools…

There was a time when I would never have considered using photographs of myself when blogging. Last year, on the SL Naturist site, that changed.  The use of hats, soft focus, a bit of post-production, left me confident enough to allow my own photos to be used. With my face largely disguised, I even appear topless!

Granted, I’m not about to give you a full-frontal nude of myself, grinning widely (although, Lord knows, there are plenty of those in the home albums). But I’m more confident about my naturism in real life now.  How do we change attitudes to naturism unless we declare it, show it, express the beauty of it?

ella pool 1b

My husband is a much better photographer than I am, with a much better camera as well, and he captured these shots within the last hour of me by the pool while the children (cropped out) are in the water. They have all the necessary armbands on, and I’m standing guard…just in case either should get into difficulty.

ella pool2b

Hopefully both shots demonstrate the beauty of family naturism and life as it should be lived.


Wheelchair naturists


Where we holiday, there’s at least two wheelchair-bound naturists. We’ve noticed how the area has made huge strides in recent years to ensure that disabled naturists aren’t excluded, with ramps and other changes quite rightly being put in to ensure everyone can follow the lifestyle of their choice.

This morning I was talking to one poor lady who’d had an accident in recent weeks and is currently wheelchair bound. She can’t walk far, and her partner is having to wheel her around, but despite being wheelchair bound right now it isn’t spoiling her holiday.



Out to dinner last night, I noticed there’s a new shop opened this year selling ‘sexy’ clothing. This resort was always ‘family orientated’ but in recent years there has been a slight shift in its mood, one that has concerned some residents and holidaymakers alike. And that’s its ‘slide’ towards a Cap D’Agde type of market.

That does not mean people performing sex acts for others in sordid Cap D’Agde, simply that one or two places have opened up that changed the mood and theme of the place.

The first was a flamenco bar that became a ‘swingers’ club. I’ve never seen it open, apart from one time we were coming home from a spectacularly late dinner, but I guess it must attract an clientele as it has been around for 2-3 years now.

I’d also guess that the main body of its clientele are guests at the naturist hotel, but I wouldn’t have thought ‘swingers’ were so plentiful there as to create a viable custom.

There was also the incident when one of the urbanisations ended up with a ‘block booking’ (organised independently of the organisation) of ‘gay bears’, which also perturbed the more traditional naturists. I’ll develop this theme in a subsequent post.

This new shop selling ‘sexy’ clothing offers a selection of fishnet type clothing, and I did see one woman wearing a fishnet dress to the beach yesterday afternoon before taking it off to sunbathe, swim and then put it on again for her walk back to her apartment. In a naturist area, why bother? Why bother with fishnet at all? If you’re going to show yourself, show yourself. Why semi-hide it under fishnet, particularly in a naturist area?


As there are no purposes in which I’d wear a fishnet dress in Second Life, I’ve opted not to buy from the marketplace and replicate RL inside SL. But the very existence of the shop does, to me, indicate an ever so slight shift in attitudes here.


Still here, by the way!

I’ve just popped in to say that I’m enjoying Ella’s posts enormously, and I won’t post again until she’s back from her holidays. I’ve a bunch of posts waiting to go, but they’ll keep for now.

trine framed building_001b


Why is that man like that, Mummy?

As usual, with children, it’s a case of trying to keep them out of the hottest part of the day, but we will wander down to one of the naturist beach bars and get the children an ice cream or a glass of lemonade.

As we were returning, we passed a man sporting a large collection of genital piercings, specifically scrotum piercings, and he was wearing a number of rings through his scrotal sac.

Now, we’ve got the children raised so that they know not to ask questions too loud, too publicly 🙂 So we had passed the gentleman and his partner before our older son asked about the piercings.

It’s not a regular sighting  where we are, I have to say. An occasional clit ring may be spotted at the naturist hotel, but that’s the extent of genital jewellery in my experience.

I explained to the children that some men like to have various types of piercings undertaken, and even at my son’s tender years, his response was ‘Ouch! That sounds really painful!’. 🙂

genital jewelry_001b

‘Is that the same as ladies having an ear ring in their vagina, Mummy?’ piped up my daughter. No, we don’t have ‘pet names’ for various parts of the body.  We give them their proper names.

I explained that it was. These things shouldn’t be ‘explained away’ with some ridiculous reason. Kids aren’t stupid, so why should we treat them as if they were?

Both of the older ones are also fully aware of the facts of life already. This wasn’t forced on them, but if they ask questions, they get factual answers. Thus, when I was pregnant recently one of the other mums at the school gates was laughing hard when she told me that our son had explained to her son that Daddy had put his penis in Mummy’s vagina and produced semen which mixed with Mummy’s egg to make a baby…

I’m relaxed about the whole sexuality thing, but I think I probably blushed quite deeply at that being recited back to me! 🙂