It’s always time for a makeover

It’s usually around about the New Year that I will take a look at my avatar and make a change or two, usually subtle ones. I don’t radically overhaul my avatar, but maybe there’s a slight shift in hair colouring, new glasses, the very same thing I’d be doing in real life.

Of course, any of us can overhaul our avatars at any time, and it can be unexpected things that see us seeking change.

One example is my friend Liz, who hasn’t been one for spending huge amounts of cash in her Second Life, being something of a scavenger when it comes to change.

lizzie dyke 1_001b

Here’s Liz, sporting free hair, skin, clothes and tattoos (although they aren’t visible in this photo).

lizzie dyke back tattoo_001b

And here she is without clothes, sporting freebie tattoos which certainly look extremely dated.

I’ve not been able to get into the Hair Fair yet (‘sim full’ is the message I’ve got so far, not unusual for the first few days of this fabulous annual event).

Liz has managed to get in and her eye was immediately grabbed by a free gift at the Tomboi display, a hairstyle called ‘Glenn’, which she loved, as she says it gives her more of a, well, tomboy look.

It was this one item that convinced her to upgrade her jaded look, stopping off at Artisanna tattoos to join their free group, grab some free group gifts, and re-invent.

lizzie dyke new hair clit ring_001b

The tattoo she is wearing is called ‘Milky Way’. She suggests that other changes will now follow and, more importantly, she feels the new look has reinvigorated her Second Life. I suppose the lesson is that if you are feeling a little jaded, a new look, at any time, will help add a little extra something to your SL.


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