I stand for peace

In one of those weird bits of SL synchronicity, my recent posts have been edging towards how we as an SL community (and in a wider, RL sense, a naturist community), must hold hands in the face of a fractured world out there, one in which -for example- we’ve seen Islam chased from or walk away from virtual role-play.

We’ve witnessed the horrors of Paris, Brussels, Nice, Charlie Hebdo, Baghdad, the Blue Mosque, the blowing up of airliners, Beirut, Orlando and, in recent days, the routine murder of police officers in different locations in the U.S.

Trawling the blog sites this evening I chanced on one of my regular blogs, Lona Lenroy’s, and immediately drawn to her ‘I stand for Peace’ posting.

There’s a Flickr Group, I stand for Peace, where you can post photos of what peace means to you.

One of the things that has struck me about the hate we see is the destruction of ancient cities, such as Palmyra by the medieval death cult that is ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.

These are places where our enlightenment, as the human race, originated. Places where knowledge was gathered, learning spread. Islam, let us not forget, gave the world (in no particular order), coffee, the guitar, algebra, universities, the toothbrush, magnifying/reading glasses, hospitals. Imagine our lives without these. And yet these murdering idiots wish to bomb much of their and our western culture out of existence?

We will be contributing to this Flickr group over the course of this week and adding photographs of our own, of course with our own ‘naturist’ perspective, placing models within locations which will reflect, as best we can, the ancient, wonderful Islamic world, with the power of the nude female intended to create a harsh juxtaposition to the patriarchal, self-loathing of these atavistic lunatics.

catin arabic house3_001b

We need a world in which there is respect for one another, either by gender, colour, creed or lifestyle. A world in which we can co-exist in peace.



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