The Lovers’ tent

I’ve never been much for hunts, and I don’t remember blogging them before. Sometimes the stores are too big and sprawling to even find the prizes (even with clues), but I’m happy to say that the ‘Flirty Summer Hunt’ landed me at the Fire and Ash Design store, and the L$1 gift here is a ‘Lovers’ Tent’.

None of the poses contained therein are of an overtly sexual nature, and are more of the ‘cuddly’ variety.

On a day like today in the UK where temperatures have soared over 30 degrees, naturism will have been a perfectly comfortable garden/beach/sun club activity.

In spells of weather like this we have a tendency to erect a pop up garden gazebo, so that outdoor, nude living is possible without the danger of burning under a particularly fierce sun. I’ve spent most of yesterday and today outdoors with the children, a paddling pool nearby, a table, chairs and BBQ set up adjacent to it, and thanks to increased wireless coverage, I’m posting from there right now, with us having just eaten our dinner.

pop-up-gazebo-pavilion-3m-x-3m-fsgpro-kr-31053-pPop up garden gazebo

Naturist or not, these items of garden furniture extend any family home and provide opportunity for outdoor living. We’ll be making the most of ours while this fabulous weather lasts (note: thunderstorms forecast for tonight with decent weather, not quite so hot, to continue for the remainder of the week).

I suggest that you might wish to pop along to Fire and Ash Design and grab your own copy of the Lovers’ Tent, one in which you can smooch with your S.O at the end of a hot SL day.


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